Wee Hours of the Morning

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I am sure most of you wake up in the wee hours of the morning at one time or another.  This morning it was the running of I don’t know what, the bulls at Pamploma, or a circle race around the house by several canine beings that woke me up.  Since I declined to do the usual and get on the computer, I played around with my journal and some digital editing of photos.  There are lots of beasts in these photos and a sweet bird too.  The snow is everywhere and what better way to touch on the Birds, Beasts and Humans theme at Art Journal Journey than with a snow beast (aka a shadow shot of me in my big down coat). The bottom scrummy parts of the image show that the snow is almost at my waist in the lower yard.



Then or course there were some of those beasts who woke me up this morning happily investigating their pathways in the snow.


Always on a mission these two. And finally, another ink blot beast, the ant stopping by to say hello through the window to his birdie friend in his  tree house.


Is it time for a nap yet?


  1. Gorgeous what you did early in the morning! Love this guy…reminds me of my hubby filling the bird feeder houses every morning here…lol..love the depth in the background and it looks like dirty snow …amazing! Your buddies are so sweet.. we have also a lot of snow just now, but the dogs won’t go out… they hate this snow weather ..they are on the couch the whole day long….
    indoor dogs !
    So happy you made us another fantastic page for Art Journal Journey Corinne!

  2. Love what you have made, you made the best out of not sleeping! Thanks for joining us at AJJ! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Very large ant and birdie are fabulous, love birdie’s house with the picture window.
    Love the patterns on his house and the patterned flowers.
    I like this picture very much.

  4. A good use of non-sleeping time…..

  5. Love your wonderful flowers, and mr. ant, saying hello to birdie,- and your snow photoes are fantastic Corrine- Wish I also stood up when waking very early,…but I sleep, on 🙂
    Dorthe, xo

  6. Glad to see you still have energy for creative work even with all the shoveling you have to do. Maybe you can sell some art work and buy a snow blower! Doggies look happy. Hope you all keep safe and warm.

  7. Snow shadow is great! …as is antie and tweeter.

  8. A great use of “leisure” time, Corrine! Love your “picnic” ant who showed up prematurely (WAY prematurely). Still snowing here today!

  9. And of course your doggie friends, not knowing they woke you up, get to take naps whenever…

  10. kampysgirl says:

    Your play is so freeing-great page,Corrine! Love these photos and the editing- especially softness around the edges! xoxo

  11. loving your beasties inspired by your beasts. I can see how much fun you are having playing with the digital photos – they are very magical. xo

  12. beautiful creations, very imaginative!
    Groetjes Karin

  13. Wonderful, love the saw tooth ant! are you shoveling from the second floor yet? our weather chanel says you all are going to be hit again!

  14. Oh, I love your crazy creation, it’s a funny collage!
    … and also the snowdogs are great!

  15. love the photo of your shadow and the Dogs in the snow, too! and of course the Collage. i couldn´t get myself out of the bed in the wee hours, all i can do is reading until i fall asleep again…

  16. Your “ant” makes me smile, an emotion I like very much! This is so cute, I can only repeat, I wish I was that free!!

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