Trickster Trail

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Piscataqua River Notes: 1/4/2015

Trickster trail, coyote bridge

A fallen oak, three squirrels.

Fifty two geese exit the frozen sand

one by one.  A flock of ducks

light from the cover

wing sounds in the rain.

Vole scurries under branches.

Raw stitch on vintage feedsack, felted wool remnant, french knots, cotton thread.


  1. Love how you made this again, and the wonderful words to accompany it. Hugs Valerie

  2. Lovely. Looks like a gnarly tree trunk.

  3. Truly beautiful!!!! Magic!!!!

  4. I am beginning to get the hang of these.
    Love “vole scurries” and “coyote bridge”, the french knots and the subtle blue.

  5. Wonderful! Just love the use of the feedsack!
    If it made from clay it could be a flower vase.

  6. You certainly bring a simple feedsack to life.

  7. Love the impact of the grid of photos and the close ups!

  8. There is nothing better than feedsack. I love my baby and your poetry! Make sense?

  9. kampysgirl says:

    Corrine, your poetry is always so scenic-I imagine every line. I just love those french knots- so beautiful!
    Be safe & warm- I don’t know if we will get hit as hard as you, but fingers crossed for another snow day Monday! heehee

  10. I can actually hear the geese as they fly overhead.

    Lovely imagery represented by stitch. Super fun feed sack filled with such colorful stitches and LOVE.

    Hope you are safe and warm. You have been very hard hit this year.

  11. It’s gorgeous! And you know it’s making me crazy because I am going to want to go and drag out my embroidery thread and start stitching and then its another project!

  12. Magical tree trunk this! Love it!

  13. love your unique way of raw stitching and the Company of the river notes!

  14. being the queen of snow has brought out the poet in you! keep on going!

  15. Wonderful creature, with all your stitches of all kinds,- and love your poetry ,Corrine.
    I think you found a new art-form to share .
    Hugs, Dorthe

  16. I always enjoy your experiments with stitching – it’s just like your other other… spirited and totally personal. And, you certainly have a way with words – spare but so evocative. Beautiful.

  17. Yes Corrine you certainly have a beautiful way of expression through poetry – it just comes so naturally and so does your beautiful stitching and knotting! It looks amazing!

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