Birds and BEASTS and Humans

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The new theme for Art-Journal-Journey is up thanks to Susi and Valerie for hosting.  My journal had some ink blots from a previous page and I decided to use them to create my “beast” for the challenge.  Have you heard of the elusive crab-a-lope, that races through the fields, He wears a heart on his back, has bristle fur, a multicolored tail and rather lumpy feet.  He herds mice and swims mighty rivers?  Well you have now. Behold the silly crab-a-lope. Ink blots, gel pens and good old crayons.


He may not be pretty but he’s a winner in my book. Who wouldn’t love those lashes.IMG_4888

Did I mention he has extra eyes?


The sweet heart softens his bristles. While he herds mice, he never eats them, this guy is a vegetarian. Fluffy flowers are his fave.



  1. AWESOME beastie…. I’d run for my life.

  2. Love your crab-a-lope Beast with the soft heart, we need more beings like this! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Hugs, Valerie

  3. you have a delightful imagination! when does the maine snowitch appear?

  4. I love your crab a lope! Isn’t he cute and i always love to hear the stories of your creatures!!

  5. These are pretty amazing eyes, looks like they can separate from the body.
    I was a bit frightened of the giant crab-a-lope at the beginning, but now you have explained his vegetarian preferences at the end, I am quite comfortable with him and like him a lot.
    Only one question – with these luscious coloured eye-lashes, are you sure “he” is not a girl crab-a-lope?

  6. kampysgirl says:

    oh! I thought he was a Love bug!! fun Corrine! xo

  7. What an imagination to take that from blots to your beast. Very fun.

  8. That is so fun!

  9. pamelaarts says:

    Don’t tell him but we eat crabs around here…….ok, maybe not an art crab!

  10. You have created a magical beast out of your personal “Rorschach Test.” I think it means you are a visionary! Love this, Corrine. Quite fun!

  11. Isn’t he sweet… with such a heart near his tail?
    Ink blots: what did the doctor day, (haha)?

  12. haha, good you introduced it to me… i will keep my eyes open;)
    fun idea to create this from blots and strokes, you are very imaginative!!

  13. What a cool beastie this is Corinne! I love it!
    Thank you for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey!
    Sorry for being so late with my comments at the moment, I am not quite well again…
    but it will be good soon I think!

  14. I love complicated beasties and yours is wonderful. Love all those lines and squiggles and the fact that she’s a vegetarian is the best!

  15. Wonderful crab-a-lope, Corrine, he would surely scare me at first, but he looks friendly to humans, so I think I would greet him with a smile ,lol- and let my hand say hello to his heart !!
    Happy friday dear friend !!

  16. Goofy, silly, totally fun! I just love your inner child!

  17. Corrine, this beastie is absolutely wonderful! I wish I could be that free!

  18. great use of those ink blots Corrine…
    you and your imagination know how to make the most of things.

  19. Oh, I just love this. And you’re right – he’s not pretty … he’s fantastic!

  20. Oh Corrine, Your lil story have melt my heart…and after I have read that he would never eat the mice I totally felt in love with him…he looks so good and seems to fly over the fields…So wonderful you have bring him to life and make my day, haha

  21. Your crab-a-lope beastie is adorable. You can’t really call him a beast because he only herds mice, but never kills them. He’s really a SOFTIE, just like you. I love your imagination and art. It always makes me smile.

    Sorry it took me so long to visit, but I’m finally feeling a bit better, at least.

  22. haha, very interesting creature. And peaceful as well … 🙂

  23. Loved browsing through what you have been up to. Love your black bird!!! And this colorful magical piece makes me want to dive into some paint and pencils today. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

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