The Imperfect Heart

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The imperfect heart is full of grace


Fragile it holds empty space to fill


It sees beyond superficiality to the deepest parts


Of you, of me.


  1. Love how you stitched and arranged this project, just beautiful! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh, Corrine! Such a lovely post! You’ve touched MY heart! Hugs, Terri ♥

  3. pamelaarts says:

    Beautiful! Love the contrast between the heart rocks and the fabric heart too.

  4. I love your heart of imperfect beauty ,among all the stones, Corrine- , and I love your beautiful words, friend !!
    How are your weather, still a lot of snow ??
    Here we got a layer yeatsrday, so all is white now.
    Dorthe xo

  5. Donna Lange says:

    interesting contrast with the stitched heart and rocks. i am a rock hound and have collections of them everywhere, i am inspired by them and You!

  6. LOVE that and the photo.

  7. The physical side of your creation is immeasurably beautiful, Corrine. But the feeling your poetry congers up in me is even more so!

  8. So. Totally. Lovely. xo

  9. OMG Corrine your lil heart moves me with your touching words! Sooo beautiful in its fragility 🙂 Your word as well as your art fill me up whenever I am in touch with <3

  10. Ahh, Corrine, You are breaking my heart….!
    Beautiful art!

  11. your Little Imperfect heart really speaks to me… and to lay it to the Stones for contrast is a great idea!

  12. kampysgirl says:

    so very lovely Corrine xo

  13. there should be more hearts among the stones! and less cruelty! if you can see the mailbox for the snow be watching!

  14. I like the contrast of the stones with the imperfect heart.
    I like the concept of the imperfect heart.

  15. Beautifully spoken and created and photographed dear Corrine ♥

  16. And a little tattered hole at the bottom where all the love can come out …. sweet

  17. Imperfectly perfect!

  18. A lovely post I like that it is imperfect.

  19. Anie Baum says:

    cute….very, very cute! A great still life!

  20. touching heart, brought me tears. Beautiful, full of love and inspiring!!!!

  21. I love your beautiful imperfect heart and the heart shaped rock! Lovely.

  22. love the heart and such a nice display.

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