Smoke Stack, Genie Track

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Piscataqua River Notes 1/3/15

Smoke stack, genie track,

skittish water tangled in traps

hanging nest, mouse dangle

leaf wing.







IMG_4866Raw stitch on vintage feed sack, commercial fabric scraps, fibers, cotton thread, brass ring for hanging.



  1. kampysgirl says:

    Great piece of fiber art and I really love this poem Corrine- it skips along-
    hugs and warmth to you xo

  2. Wonderful words and art, love how you put this together. Hugs, Vaerie

  3. This is a wonderful, colourful fish ,now dangling from it`s hoog , and the poem is great.
    I`m so glad you recieved the envelope Corrine, … and that you like it .
    Have a wonderful weekend !!
    Dorthe ,x

  4. thank you for sharing your words and stitched goodness…
    happy winter weekend Corrine!

  5. Very special. And so fitting with the poem ♥

  6. “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words,” according to Edgar Allan Poe. While you have accomplished that part, you have also created beauty in fabric, something he never attempted! Good on you, my friend!

  7. Your word play is wonderful!
    Your fabric pieces look like what my grandmother would have in
    her sewing basket.

  8. You make the coolest things! Lovely textile art that has wonderful movement, texture and color and tells a story as your eye travels downward, oh happy tails! Of course I am in love!

  9. This is colourfully mysterious, both the textile and the words. “Mouse” and” dangle” are not two words commonly seen together. My third visit and yes, I am intrigued and fascinated by this. Love these colourful scraps, gathered and entwined.

  10. Fun creation, Corrie!!Love this

  11. i´m fascinated with what you come up… makes me want to make a box for scraps and fibers and use my Hands when i´m watching tv…

  12. your imagination is working overtime, it must be the snow! toni wants to know if you want to come south with us!

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