She Released All Her Energy

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She released all her energy into the universe so she could dance.

Art journaling today after Snowmaggedon hit Tuesday night.  We got slammed with about three feet of snow here at our house.  After plowing and shoveling for two solid days, the driveway is clear, the deck is clear and the dogs have some dug out areas to run and play. Drifts as high as 6 feet blanket parts of the house and barn.  The dogs were trapped into tiny spaces as the back yard is totally impassable, even for them.  The snow is just too deep.  So shoveling was completely necessary.

Now for some release and yes I will be doing some dancing after I write this, just to get it all out. Both the journal page and some snow photos follow.











  1. Glad you all are surviving and thriving, it is so beautiful now but I’m sure you will be glad to see it go. Hope your arms and back survive all the shoveling. It is great exercise but enough is enough!! Your painting looks like it’s got a nice bicep on that arm! Take care, my friend. Hope the dogs don’t drive you nuts with cabin fever.

  2. Mary Warren says:

    I do feel your pain. I remember one winter the snow drifted so deep we needed to remove the glass from our front dorr to climb out. Then we had to trudge through several feet of snow to dig the garage door free to locate the snowblower. We’d had so much snow and our yards are very small so anything we blow up just rolled back down. Finally we ended up piling the snow onto old carpets which we pulled out to the street. There was just no more room…..and then some day the sun comes out and melts it all alway and you wonder what this is all about! LOL! Glad you are OK.

  3. OMG….it must be SOOOOOO cold. She’ll have to dance to keep warm.

  4. kampysgirl says:

    Holy cannolis!! You’ll need a good soak in a hotub after all that shoveling!!
    I love your page- happy dance indeed- beautiful color and layers- so glad you added close-ups! xoxo

  5. Wasn’t it just ridiculous? I don’t want to see anymore. Love your dancing queen.

  6. Oh my, what a lot of snow. It always looks so pretty, but it is such a lot of work to shovel it away! Your journal page is wonderful, sunny and happy. Take care! Hugs, Valerie

  7. is she boxing the snowballs LOL? i love the energy here! and i don´t envy you for this amount of snow, it Looks beautiful, but if i think to the shoveling, oh my…

  8. yow that’s some snow! your photos are great! and your painting is wonderful;! we had a wee tad of snow couple 0f inches! but its still here so careful and just think 39 days til daylite savings time!


  9. So much shoveling Corrine, beautiful photoes, too, but not that fun to be packed into so much snow!!! Can you get away from your house to grocery shop and such ?
    I`m sure your wonderful mother and child , with the heart on the right place, helped you to relax your “broken” bones , and to feel good .
    I hope you will not be hit that much again !!!
    Hugs Dorthe

  10. The photos are amazing and your sweet house looks awesome against the blue sky and the white snow!!! Wonderful energetic painting and after finish this comment, I stand up and dance a lil dance also…thank you for the inspiration 😉

  11. I am so sure it was relaxing to walk into your studio and create after two days of plowing and shoveling all that snow–although I love seeing the photos of your house, Corrine! Your Snow Queen journal page is beautiful.

  12. This is fantastic, so much colour and activity. Does cold weather give you more energy? What an alive painting you’ve made. I like the “fireworks” coming out of the little one’s hair and hand. The more I look at this, the more I find.
    I’m very impressed by all the snow, we’ve never had anything like that. And the snow almost reaching to the balcony!!

  13. Hmm, let’s put it this way: the snow looks beautiful in the sunshine! You could go skiing from your balcony, my goodness, this sure is a lot of snow. Your picture sure is full of energy, I love it!

  14. WOW and WOW!
    Stay warm Lady…

  15. Your little Snow Queen could go crazy with that baby screaming in her ear!

  16. I so much love this canvas, Corrie!! So much energy in this…

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