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Mark making, we all do it and we all have our own signature.  As a lefty, I have always thought differently about mark making because I felt like odd man out in school.  My penmanship was atrocious and I paid dearly for it.  Now I mostly print or do some version of half cursive, half print.  That’s just fine by me.  I like straight lines, asemic writing, grids, squiggles, you name it,  but every mark I make is my mark, just like every mark you make is yours.  The more comfortable I become in my artistic skin, the more I worry less about how my marks are perceived, they just are.

One of my favorite artists is Cy Twombly. I always enjoyed his marks and I wanted to share him here on Art Journal Journey. In my own way, in my own style, with my own marks. This is a face I’ve drawn before.  This is a face that says something to me, although I am not sure what, but that’s okay too.  Someday I will know, or not.  I give you “Thinking Odd”

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  1. I wasn’t familiar with Cy- but took a look at his site and his mark making skills are so interesting. Love seeing your awesome interpretation in Thinking Odd!

  2. Both my mom and dad were southpaws.
    But they cut everything by their right hand. I’m a righty.
    I have not tried mark making yet.

  3. My older brother is a lefty and he had the most beautiful handwriting in school … he won awards for penmanship! He’s much older than i . I don’t know if i’ve ever seen his writing… I would like to now… Love your artwork Corrine! Hugs! deb

  4. Love the way you have made your marks! Your painting is great fun, love it! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  5. This is stunning Corinne! Thank you for sharing it with us at AJJ!

  6. love your post and your thoughts about mark making… and “thinking odd” often sums up creativitiy, i would say.

  7. Cy Twombly is on my list of ‘faves’ but you have your own language of marks.

  8. odd is the word! but then lotsa people consider us leftys odd or the work of the devil! take care in the upcoming blizzard don’t do too much shoveling! good luck!

  9. loved Cy, best scribbler ever!! sigh…

  10. Over yesterday and today, I have spend a significant amount of time visiting, then revisiting, Galleries 1 and 2 of Twombly’s creations. I am especially enchanted with his “Ides of March.” I love the mark making in your piece today, Corrine. Some marks obvious and needing no interpretation; others just tickle my mind…and I ponder. But, I never cease to be “drawn in” (no pun intended) to your work. I would say that you are one of MY favorite artists!

  11. Absolutely love it! Composition, marks and colours! Great and very expressive piece.

  12. Fascinating choice of artist and fascinating art you’ve made. I like the words, the unusual person with the unusual hat, your colours and your “cy-scribbly” art. And there’s some arithmetic too! Lots of fun here and quite a masterpiece.

  13. Although familiar with Cy Twombly’s name, wasn’t familiar with his art. Very interesting array of mark making. I see the inspiration in your piece, yet you make it decidedly your own.

  14. Fabulous mark-making and very cool inspiration!

  15. kampysgirl says:

    Great marks.
    Your page is very interesting Corrine and leaves me thinking…
    xoxo be safe and warm

  16. Comfortable in your own skin and doing what pleases oneself means so much Corrine.
    I am still learning to be comfy with my writing and mark making.
    My mother grew up a lefty in war time Germany…
    she got her fingers and hands whacked over and over again for not using her right hand.
    As a result of this she became ambidextrous (sp?) and will always be a creative hero in my eyes.
    Thank you for sharing your artwork and this thoughtful post.
    I have had lots of catching up to do here.

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