Bone and Spittle

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Piscataqua River Notes 1/2/2015

Bone and spittle, frozen foam.

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Stitched forever on this one, it refused to talk to me for a while.  The blue piece at the bottom was begun for something else, or maybe just because it wanted to be made for a place to attach the skull ?rat? is our best guess.  The dog dragged me to the very spot where I found the skull, so it wanted to be found.

Raw stitch on vintage feed sack, vintage bedspread, felted reclaimed wool, ?rat? skull, cotton thread, waxed linen thread.


  1. That’s quite bizarre, but compelling.

  2. You’ve lost me on this one, Corrine, I think you had to be there.
    But what I like about your art is that I never know what to expect. And that it is different.
    And makes me think. So I’m going to come back later.
    Dark Bird one day, Rat’s Skull the next.

  3. Nancy Lee says:

    I knew that was something you found on your walks!
    A lot of stitching,alright! I like the blues!

  4. jill eudaly says:

    I think your rodent would be thrilled with all the materials you used. Nest materials with flare!

  5. From R-A-T to A-R-T. How cool is that? Having met all 5 dogs, I need to know which one took you to these “remains”? Love your seed sack art, Corrine. I now can really appreciate all that stitching! 😉

  6. Oh cool! A real skull! Your dogs find you the best stuff!

  7. i totally adore this one, i like stuff from the dark side…
    did you treat the skull in any way to avoid microbes? (sometimes the cat kills birds and i thought about keeping the skull, but i´m not sure how to handle that…)

  8. superior find. toni will be jealous! how close are you to the river?

  9. kampysgirl says:

    awesomeness is what I say!

  10. Although I’ve never found a skull, I often find interesting oddities on my walks and never quite know what to do with them. So they stack up in my art room waiting for me to be brave and try something. This may be just the inspiration I need to move ahead. Critic, out of my way, I’m going to jump in with both feet! The combo of stitching and a skull is unexpected and interesting. Good on ya for continuing to experiment!

  11. Absolutely love it, Corrine!!!

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