The Helpers

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Creating every day creates, well, the muse to create all the time.  For me, I begin to see something in every scrap lying on the table, and in this case, some kraft paper bag that had paint on it became the impetus for this journal spread.  I had used the kraft to blot a previous journal page and the small figures in this spread jumped out at me.  I drew them in pencil, then cut them out and worked on them with gel pens.  The larger figure is from another scrap that was painted and only top is really pasted on.  I “stitched” the illusion of a form on the journal page.  This figure is channeling Miro and Klee for me, some combination of both came to mind as I was creating “him”.  Not sure why he’s a he, he just is.  The background is all about ink pads, stamps, marks and “stitches” with pen.  I put my actual stitching aside because it needed to rest and was making me frustrated, so I turned to the journal for a different way to see the world.  The Helpers, reaching for the sky, the sun, the clouds I think.


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  1. Wonderful..Happy Helpers! Great colors.

  2. kampysgirl says:

    Love your helpers Corrine! xo

  3. I hadn’t thought about it but changing mediums does change perspective – esp. when making a dramatic shift from stitching to paint/ink. Love those hands up on your helpers!

  4. Yay!….Klee!

  5. GORGEOUS! I love the colors and HIM and the helpers.. I enjoyed the sun yesterday sitting in front of the house at noon and felt like these helpers!
    Thank you for joining us with this fabulous Sparkledaysstudio contribution to Art Journal Journey!

  6. Nothing better than some scraps and a change of focus! LOVE the vibrant colors!

  7. Love this, wonderful sunny colours too! Thanks for joinin us at AJJ! Hugs, Valerie

  8. i totally enjoyed this post! loved to read it and the outcome of the spread is gorgeous!

  9. I love this bright journal spread, such warm funky colours and style, it has such a positive energy, truly glowing, love it!

  10. hooray for helpers! glad to see you painting again. all my paint is waiting PATIENTLY for me!

  11. This is so filled with energy, form both colours and your persons visiting this spread , and fantastic what happens in your layers !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  12. Love the colors you achieved Corrine! The helpers… i could use some of those to help me pack …….. or maybe just to help me to get motivated to pack…lol Hugs! deb

  13. stunning,love your helpers.

    hugs jeannette

  14. pamelaarts says:

    what they said — and I love the colors!

  15. Wonderful colours and background, love the row of ‘helpers’.

  16. Gorgeous!

  17. Happy you Corrine for having always some scraps on the table to get inspired and start some journaling, haha! Gorgeous spread with such a good vibe in motion and color…looove! ♥ Conny

  18. I can understand getting frustrated with a particular medium, and wanting to change your focus. So good you are multi-talented, because it helps you switch gears as needed. Like with your Helpers, you are also reaching for the sky, as your mind focuses on what is next on the horizon.

  19. You have so much spirit in your paintings, some sort of mystical thing, there is more meaning that I can grasp in one look, so many layers of meaning.
    Is the left figure wearing flip-up yellow sunglasses?
    Is it an exercise class?
    Are they stacking see-through shelves at the supermarket?
    Is one of them the supervisor?
    Have I got it totally wrong?

  20. I love your art. It looks so free.

  21. beautiful happy helpers. soulful art, full of heart. Love seeing into your world.

  22. Tolles Werk…und diese Farben!

  23. Awesome journal spread. I love the warm, fiery palette and the images … the helpers … LoVe it!

  24. Wow, you created a completely great work! It pleases me madly well. Ulrike

  25. The piece I most recently created sat unfinished on a side table in my craft room for at least 6 months. The color combination caught my eye yesterday, and I reached for it and the rest is history. My muse was definitely present yesterday. Here’s hoping it will be there with me today as I sit down at your table to make a doll. Can’t wait. See you soon!

  26. seeing everything as art… YES.. xox

  27. Nancy Lee says:

    Happy colors! My first thought, looks like me trying to exercise (ouch)!

  28. Oh Corrine, I am so loving this creation! It is fab! The composition, the texture, the colours – super!!

  29. Love the reach!

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