Eroding and Stitching

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Carolyn Saxby of Love Stitching Red is back in a big way and I am so glad because I really missed being inspired by her work in 2014.  One of the things she is doing is a new Erosion Bundle, which I haven’t done for a few years since Seth’s big project. I thought it would be a good project to revisit, so I put together a bundle yesterday to hang outside in the trees today.  I played around with some photo editing as well since there are vintage fabrics and book pages in the bundle to give it that old world effect.  There is also a sneak peak at the next stitching project which is taking longer than I expected, but intuitive work has it’s own rhythms and is never predictable.  Hope you enjoy, and maybe join the fun.



I was amazed to still find some bittersweet on the vines.



The rusty hinge plates were lying on the ground in the back yard and I had saved them in the barn for just such and occasion.  And like Elizabeth always says “wear gloves” to handle rust.


A stained Dickens book cover from a 1910 printing and that rusty goodness.


As promised a bit of stitching in the works.


  1. I’m pleased to see Carolyn blogging again too, Corinne. I’ve made erosion bundles before but left them so long they rotted! I told Carolyn I’d get one going again this year so I must set to. You’ve got some very interesting things in yours and I like the stitch that’s already in it.

  2. This idea is very appealing to me. Do you just bundle it up and hang in a tree?

  3. Love what you are up to today. Have fun with the erosion bundle, and am looking forward to seeing the progress of your project! Hugs, Valerie

  4. All so beautiful and different, have fun!

  5. pamelaarts says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the erosion and love the photos. Very cool.

  6. Donna Lange says:

    Lots of wonderful potential!

  7. kampysgirl says:

    I am not familiar with an erosion bundle , but will check into it as your post has intrigued me so! lovely bundle by the way! “) xo

  8. Well we’re just gonna have to wait and see with your bundle AND your stitching…lol… can’t wait! Hugs! deb

  9. Well whatever next! When will we see it again I wonder? There are some lovely colours in these photos, rusty and dusty.

  10. The erosion project was so much fun – I haven’t thought about it in ages – great idea!

  11. Nancy Lee says:

    Oh, these beautiful colors struck me with an “ahh” right away!

  12. This is really fabulous Corrine! LOVE the stitching you added! I’m not familiar with her work, I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  13. the photos alone are awesome to see… i´m curious about the outcome of the bundle. and i like sneek-peek Close ups:)

  14. Wonderful … I wish you fun and wonder will happen in this project I think!
    I enjoy each single photo about this all!

  15. had forgotten about the erosion bundle. wonder what a warm climate would do to it have to put that on my todo list. have fun!

  16. Ooooo I love this. You make me want to hand sew something. I didn’t know you should wear gloves to handle rust…thanks for that safety tip! Looking forward to seeing this done. Are you just loving your new home and state? How are your animals adjusting? How about Super Hero?


  17. Your erosion bundle looks WONDERFUL -wow I will love to see ,what happens with all that rusty and red berry goodies. It looks beautiful both inside and hanging in your tree, I`m sure. I made one ,also some years ago,- …maybe it is time to try again 🙂
    Your stitching will take the time it will,-lol happy joy creating, Corrine !!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  18. If asked to definite “erosion bundle,” I would have been at a loss and would have had to revert to my Balderdash days and faked it! But, now that I know what it is, I am lovin’ this kind of art! Just beautiful, Corrine!

  19. I may start a new erosion bundle, since you have inspired my longing to do so. Of course, it’s so cold out right now, I’ll have to wait to get mine outside. I never thought of adding berries, and I never added rust before, at least I don’t think I did. I want to combine a bit of fabric and paper, too. I hope yours turns out as well as you hope. Like you, I haven’t done anything like this since Seth’s big project. But I look forward to seeing the reveal a bit later in the year. This is definitely not one of those projects you can finish in a day or two!

    Thanks for the inspiration and for warning others about handling rusty pieces.

  20. I am fascinated by this…

  21. How exciting Corrine! Doing one of these inspiring erosion bundles again and seeing
    Love Stitching Red is back! Better go and check her out! I would love to do one of my own and now the patient waiting game to see how it all turns out. When do you think that might be!
    Thanks for the lovely visit. My work keeps changing direction!
    xox Suzy

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