Rustle of grasses

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Piscataqua River Notes 1/1/15

Rustle of grasses

and wild wind.





Raw stitch, vintage feed sack, upcycled felted wool clothing remnants, felted wool, cotton fabric strips, cotton thread, cotton embroidery thread.


  1. A wonderful mix of materials, stitches and colours !!Love the quilt effect it has somewhere,- The colours and fabrics are stunning, Corrine !! xo

  2. I just love what you’re doing and it makes me happy to think of you sitting and stitching in your new home.

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    Oh how I love these stitched moments in time.

  4. Wonderful piece! Love all the different materials and details.I have been doing some weaving with scraps today, that was fun! Hugs, Valerie

  5. you are so creative… love what you have designed here !
    Haooy weekend dear Corinne!

  6. very meditative

  7. LOVE these textile pieces. Must be the new ‘country’ house influence.

  8. This has so much to admire, I’d love to touch it and feel all the different textures, I love this!

  9. Nancy Lee says:

    Wow! (again)!! A wall full of those hangings would
    be like being in a museum!! Great fun!

  10. OK, you have my attention. Note to self: Put fabric on the “To Do” list! Incorporation fabric into art I have done a few times, but make the fabric THE art I have never done. This is gorgeous and tugs at my heart. I love where you’re headed, Corrine! Yes, yes I do!

  11. You have NO idea who much this piece spoke to me. I love everything about it, from the fabric to the hand stitches to the tiny beads you added. It simply touched my heart.

  12. So beautiful, I love it!!!

  13. you are having fun but its time to dig out the paint and the brush I know they are calling you! your piece is very cheery and I’d love to see you paint it too!!

  14. wonderful words and stitches all hung by a rusty handle…
    you make me want to rummage through my bits of this and that Corrine
    Happy winter weekend to you and yours…
    hope you are cozy and warm!

  15. i just love the way you have with fabrics. like patty said it makes my fingers itch to search through my stashes…

  16. kampysgirl says:

    Lovely fiber art- I love rustling grasses- xoxo

  17. These fabrics are gloriously put together. I especially love the scraps top right.

  18. You amaze me….there’s something new posted here nearly every day! I’m trying to stick with my creative daily plan, but I just can’t seem to manage to blog about it regularly enough. You’re impressive. And you manage to embrace so many mediums – stitching, painting, journaling, house reno – sheesh woman! I particularly like this little stitched project – it’s comforting and evocative of a time gone by. Lovely.

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