Is it done yet?

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When approaching art intuitively, we always ask ourselves is it done yet?  The outcome doesn’t really matter, it’s all the getting there in between beginning and being able to say it’s done.  My first real art journal page of the new year had my playing in Mix-It-Monthly with a color blocked background, and Art-Journal-Journey with a take on a modern master, in my case I was trying to channel in Dubuffet.  Ha.

Ever notice how your mind sees one thing and you create, well, let’s just say, NOTHING like what you intended.  So I walked away and did other things, played with the dogs, drank coffee, read a bit, caught up on work and came back to see where the process wanted to go.

Two more layers of paint over everything with rubbing off on paper bags and semi drying and still Ha, UGLY, UGLY.  So I made it UGLIER by stamping all over it with a pattern stamp or two and still Ha.  Then I picked up  a piece of the paper bag I had used to rub off with and saw a bit of a pixie.  I don’t think Dubuffet ever painted a pixie but I certainly did and here is the finished result(maybe I was channeling Pia Rom instead) – follow along for the Ha photos as well.

By the way, it’s done.


Finished journal page



face close up



face and background


pattern color block background



scribble drawing with posca


HA face that made me nuts, ah well, there was a reason for it.



  1. I LOVE it, Whoever you channeled, you did it well! Off to bed here now! Hugs, Valerie

  2. OMG so many layers Corrine! and they all are needed to get the gorgeous one in the end, haha! Love your sweet character and I adore her hat! Seems you have lost Dubuffet on the way 😉

  3. Channeling me, hehe 😉

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love your fearless journey in journaling!

  5. The journey of the layers! Love seeing how it developed!

  6. Oh, super, how joyful. Pixie is terrific with her hat, red fringe, pink lips and pretty blouse, and what an intense colourful background she has.
    If you keep going it often comes out but sometimes there is an awful lot of going.
    Great result.

  7. kampysgirl says:

    Love watching the layers and hearing about the process-sometimes it is not easy- but the end result- mwaa! Love that pixie! “) xo

  8. enjoyed your tale of getting there! I know we all see things differently but I see a slightly annoyed pixie! is she tired of waiting to appear?

  9. That’s GORGEOUS! And yes you channeled Conny’s colors ….. at least as you wrote it I got familiar with the colors…
    you channeld Corinne I think!
    She is unique
    wonderful !
    I so love your style!

  10. It’s boils down to being about the layers, like our lives, doesn’t it? But, the fun thing about your art, Corrine, is that we can still SEE the layers! You are an accomplished artist on so many levels, my friend!

  11. I stopped by last night, but the Reply option was not there. I refreshed, and still it was not available. Rebooted this morning and decided to try again.

    I think your serendipitous pixie is adorable. Love her hat, too. I was so impressed with all the layers you created to make this truly come to life.

    Sorry again I was late getting here. Technology is a double edged sword some days.

  12. I can see you just let go and had fun, the process is the fun bit, making a mess and getting something out of it in the end is great and this pixie fits in so well here! So bright and full of sparkles as always here!

  13. Whoever you channeled it is indeed the process and journey and you got a fun sparkle pixie in the end!

  14. i love your pixie (i see a harlequin here;)) ! the process is so interesting to see. and i admire your fearless and intuitive approach, may the result come out however. and i like the result! but the journey is the destination!

  15. Your pixie is wonderful, -the layer of colours forming her face, so amazing,- and I too, admire that in the end, we can still see all the many difficult layers ,and see through them !! that is fantastic art in my eyes !! And this dosen`t make me confused, which many Dubuffet pictures does !! Hugs!!!

  16. Your work is always very spontaneous Corrine. Hard to get that look.

  17. The end result is fabulous! I love the colors and the line-circles(?!) The little pixie wanted to be there. have a great week.

  18. Too funny! it does remind me of Conny’s style. Wish I could be so free and channel her style too!

  19. Stunning art work!

  20. Love it! The process and the outcome. 🙂

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