Heart Rocks and Heiroglyphs

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Piscataqua River Notes 12/31

Heart rocks and hieroglyphs

Rock seams and squirrel nests

A lone gull

Too cold

even for the geese.





Raw stitch.  Vintage feed sack, vintage bark cloth, cotton thread, gesso, bamboo skewer, hemp cord, buttons




  1. I take it you’ve got your studio unpacked, and now have access to more of your supplies? I must admit, I think I am more creative when I have limited supplies. Too many choices is just overwhelming!

  2. Love this Corinne. The vintage fabric is just right and I love the loos nature of the stitching you’ve added and the gesso too, perfect!

  3. Yes, I like it and I like how it relates to the words and vice versa.
    It’s an interesting (in the best meaning of the word) interpretation of the heart rock.

  4. That should be loose stitching. Fingers too quick for the computer 😉

  5. kampysgirl says:

    Beautiful and serene~ all of the above~ Love this side of you and your art,Corrine! xo

  6. Kim Mailhot says:

    How I adore this!!! Wow.
    Happy new year, Corrine.

  7. I just love this work Corrine. It’s really beautiful. The delicate stitching, colors, shapes. The thin lines. It is light and airy.

    It’s too cold here to…4 degrees right now. 4!!! I might fly south pretty soon.

  8. Just lovely!! Words and images.

  9. Another great piece with which to decorate your new home and studio! Each of these pieces has as much personality as your dolls! Great photography, too!

  10. Corrine, I Love your hanger, the ,love your way of stitching the heart and love the wonderful stone ? or nest on top, gorgeous with the gold print /stamp!! – beautiful !!!

  11. Absolutely wonderful, and I adore the heart stones! Hugs, Valerie

  12. LOVE this! Really primitive- looking.

  13. Heart stones and heart wall hanging. I love this. I agree, it’s even too cold for the geese to be out.

  14. Simple sweetness, lovely!

  15. so so beautiful! I love it ….

  16. gorgeous, dear girl! this speaks to me on so many levels. wow!!

  17. Nancy Lee says:

    No, really, love the rocks and the wall piece!

  18. Lovely and raw. Yours words go along like a poem.

  19. i love the loose way of your stitching. makes me think i should prepare a basket with some stitching material to take when i´m in the mood…

  20. ♥ ♥ ♥!

  21. love what you’re doing with the stitched pieces! I’ll definitely have to add this to my 365day to-do list and since it’s only day 5, I have lots of time! 🙂 Happy New Year!!!!

  22. Building more art love, I see.

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