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Piscataqua River Notes 12/29


Kingfisher click, click, click

bladderwrack and beagle bark

brightest sun on swift current.

IMG_4599 IMG_4601 IMG_4603 IMG_4605 IMG_4607 IMG_4609


vintage feedsack, raw stitch, journaling; obscured, glass bead by my friend Kim Rogers of Numinosity Beads, buttons, loose threads, hemp cord.


  1. Corrine this combination of prose and stitch is amazing- I can feel the river et-all in both pieces- They transport me to the river walk. very cool

  2. Wonderful post, love everything about your lovely creation. Hugs. Valerie

  3. This is so sweet and made with love!

  4. The point of these may be that they are what they are and nothing else, but I could use one like this as a little bag in which to keep a memory stick. Wouldn’t that be an interesting contrast.
    When I first typed this I discovered that I had missed out the word “stick” and maybe they are telling me that they want to be something to keep a memory in?

  5. I hope you are warm and happy in your new home in the bad weather that’s forcast! you might want to stitch something larger to keep you comfy!

  6. kampysgirl says:

    I love your textile art as much as I love your canvas and paper pieces- this is wonderful! And yes, your prose is wonderful art as well- I enjoy walking along with you~
    hugs xoxo

  7. Wonderful in every stitch!

  8. I`m a little lost here, about your words, lol Google will not translate !! but the roughness and nature look is wonderful, with your stitches — and so is the Numinosity pearl, too !
    Dorthe- xox

  9. I adore the wabi sabi feel this art has, as well as the texture that shows in every image. Lovely words AND fabric art.

  10. oh my be still my heart… love this!

  11. Nancy Lee says:

    The “free” feel of this piece is wonderful!
    Humm, the feedsack,days of a horse remembered,(but with the sweet feed smell)…
    Love your work!!

  12. love your raw stitching and the beads on it!
    up into a wonderful and creative year:)

  13. Love your feed sack substrate, Corrine! You can make the new old and the old new again. I am loving watching your create!

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