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Turning towards a New Year in our new home and our new life shaping up.  I’ve been reflecting on my year of “fragile” realizing how raw shifting can be and how fragile indeed.  Turning inward to some journeying, down by the river and the smell of the brackish sea. Turning toward listening, deep listening to the rhythm’s of nature and what it has to say to me. Turning towards new work stitched stories of those journeys, bare thread and impressions of what’s seen, heard and felt.

Piscataqua River Notes, recording those inner journeys and conversations.


“Tug whistle, eagle, talking rock.  Infusion of red granite.”






vintage bark cloth,  raw stitch with cotton thread, black polyester thread, journaling, obscuring.

“turning” toward 2015.



  1. Well done! Now look ahead towards new adventures.

  2. I just love your words and that raw stitched canvas. Thank you for sharing your heart. Xx

  3. pamelaarts says:

    Excellent — Happy New Year to you and Superhero — and enjoy 2015 in your lovely new studio.xo

  4. Love the composition – and you are so right about fragility!

  5. Thankfully you are moved into what is possibly your forever home while you are still young enough to survive all that work and even enjoy it when you weren’t asking yourself what the heck were we thinking?!? I like this piece of work, it faintly resembles what I am currently working on. Love the obscured journaling.
    I like to listen to A Prairie Home Companion and they have a (Fictional?) town called Piscacataquatimogin. What a tongue twister! Enjoy your new year.

  6. Love it! Oh, how sweet that your journal words are “just for you”!

  7. Yes Corrine I really understand how big “shifts” like this in our lives undermines our stability and makes fragility take over until we readjust! Looking silently within often gives us the answers that no one else will ever be able to and to express it through our painting and stitching is the perfect expression for people like ourselves.
    Sending warm stable hugs and blessings for the coming New Year.
    xox Suzy

  8. his is so beautiful! just love it! Good luck with 2015, may it be a good, helathy and peaceful year for you! Hugs, Valerie

  9. kampysgirl says:

    What a wonderful piece to ring in the New Year Corrine!!
    All the best to you,hero,the fur gang and your family!! xoxo

  10. I know how you feel ! this past year has been a cliff hanger for me too! peace to you and yours in the new year.

  11. Your cloth wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous, Corrine. I am most intrigued by the obscured writing. Love that technique. I know that Carolyn does it a lot in her art, but I have never tried it. Today, you have encouraged me to do so! Happy New Year, my sweet friend! Mwah!

  12. Your creations are always so original and unique! Happy New Year to you dear friend, best of wishes to you and yours!
    Kat xxx

  13. No red sun, with stars in between, but beautiful granite – do you know we have lots of granite here, as the foundation of “my” island is granite !
    Wonderful raw stitched and with the “hidden” words of your soul!!
    Every turn in life is making fragile moments, to cope with them and change them ,we look inside , if we can ! I`m happy for you, you can !!

  14. This seems to me to be very mystical. It is one of those works of art which either needs explaining or needs no explanation.

  15. Just GORGEOUS Corinne!
    Happy New Year – and happy new adventures for you!

  16. winter days are especially suited for going inward and shifting house stirs things up almost beyond reckoning I’m sure…
    beautifully articulated in words and fibers dear Corrine
    May this new year be everything you dream of

  17. I hope you have a wonderful new year in your new home and fill it with your wonderful creativity. xx

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