Post Christmas Cheer

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Yesterday was full of cheer.


Family nestled close and dear.

Contented dogs snuggled too, some special treats, there were a few.



Brown paper packages, full of whimsy. Tickled the fancy of a few.


Belly’s stuffed with lobster and strudel, laughter and stories their were some too.

Twinkle lights at dawn shone through, while the owl sounded his morning “who”



These cheerful memories I hold most clear, off to meet a friend most dear.


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  1. I love those 3 pups snuggled together- just so adorable! xoxo

  2. Delightful! Terrific photos– looks very cozy and fun. xo

  3. Love the collage Corinne. Hope you have a happy, healthy and wonderfully creative New Year. xx

  4. Love your collage and great photos, thanks for sharing, and thanks for linking to Ajj! Hugs Valerie

  5. May every day be so full of cheer.

  6. All is bright and cheery this way!

  7. What happiness is here, have a great 2015, but maybe “see” you again before then?

  8. Lovely and definitely cheery post, Corrine. I hope you had a nice Christmas. Wishing you a happy, inspiring, creative and filled with love 2015! Big hugs from frosty Scotland!

  9. Hello sweetie, LOVE you being a poet, here ! And happy your christmas was wonderful and filled with joy and dear family members!
    Mine was also happy, and with wonderful dayes with my gamily,- now home again, to relax, and prepare for a silent New Years Eve to come.
    Dorthe,- xo

  10. Thank you for sharing your good cheer
    may it last and multiply all through the new year

  11. Lovely poem and pics. Xoxo

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely photos and the poetry that accompanied them. Sounds like you had the ideal Christmas this year. And happy belated Christmas to you, dear friend.

  13. a poet! delightful. your photos are great too! what a talented woman you are! have a great new year in your new abode!

  14. You have always been a great artist and narrator, and now poet. Love your work here, at all levels, but the pups get the nod from here! Happy New Year to you and Dave!

  15. wonderful cheerful collage, and a great poem! Those dogs are the cutest ….

  16. Yay! More rhymes! You are a very blessed person!

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