Project Coffee Table

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Searching through the house we found part of an old paint company sign in red and yellow.  They had been constructed into a box and they were sitting on the dirt floor of our basement.  After removing them and giving them a thorough cleaning, I was able to salvage some for future use.  I planned to use them on a kitchen island, but we decided that they were best used to make a coffee table for our den.  We had an unfinished base the Superhero had built out of cedar beam pieces and some 2×4″s.  I painted the 2×4 with walnut stain, then a bright red enamel over it and did some mild distressing.  This base worked perfectly for our funky and fun coffee table.  What do you think?


Here are the mismatched pieces of the sign, paint splotches an all.

Here are the mismatched pieces of the sign, paint splotches an all.

A coat of wax did wonders for this and will help to keep the original paint intact.

Side view of the red 2x4's

Side view of the red 2×4’s

The top was not a “perfect” fit, it is slight too small so we may trim it out with some recycled lath, but for now, we will live with it a while and see how it feels.

View of the end and the chunky legs

View of the end and the chunky legs

And yes, one side hangs over more.  I wanted a wabi sabi feel.  Using the wood as is, so that’s what we did.

Feels good to recycle something and have be playful and not worry that five dogs might scratch it up.  That’s our motto.


  1. What a fantastic idea, great that you have saved that lovely old sign and repurposed it. Hugs, Valerie

  2. truly a find, Corrine! It will definitely be a conversation piece in your new den. I am feelin’ the fun!

  3. Love it. Very wabi-sabi.

  4. Nice one, Corrine, a bit different from Ikea tables. I like the base too.

  5. Fun!

  6. pamelaarts says:

    love it!

  7. It’s so nice that you two are in agreement about decorating styles. The table turned out great and such a good use of these old materials.

  8. Geez Louize.. that’s great. I love the casual earthy feel of this. You guys are amazing.

  9. wow..this looks fantastic!

  10. great find! good idea! its a treat to find treasures in a new old house!

  11. Donna Lange says:

    What a great find and a great recycle/upcycle!

  12. Your homey creativity continues to amaze! What an absolutely fabulous piece – original, quirky, recycled, colorful – all words that describe your little gem of a home.

  13. REALLY wonderful!!!

  14. Any time I see someone recycling something, I am always in awe. And this is no different. I agree that it’s perfect for five dogs. And a pretty decent conversation piece, too, I might add!

  15. OMG!!! I love it love it love it!!! When you tire of it- let me know!! heehee
    Great make !you two are an awesome team!! xoxo

  16. Love it! It has such personality.

  17. This is terrific. Love that you reused and repurposed. Looks great!

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