More mini collage for my Advent Calendar

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Could it really be 6 more days since I posted these gifts to the Advent Calendar and Christmas is fast approaching.  I am already perusing Pinterest for ideas for a Christmas Brunch with my family.  There are no lack of calories to be found there, check out my food for the Goddesses board for all manner of scrumptious things.

Today’s collage is dedicated to a little beagle friend who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Canuk was a sweet boy and his family will miss him greatly.  An angel wing showed up in my drawing to help guide him along.  The last six days are here.





Winter Storm


A golden goose and the queen


A bit of a clowny angel I’m afraid.

A tiny house and tree

A tiny house and tree

An angel wing for Canuk

An angel wing for Canuk

All together once again.

All together once again.

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  1. This is such a fun project……love them all. Would you consider trading Golden Goose after Xmas for something similar of mine?

  2. Such a nice project — love the angel wing
    Happy 3th Advent weekend Corinne!

  3. These are just so glorious, love the queen’s crown and the girl carolling and the bad, bad winter storm. Your angel with the pink hair certainly has Attitude.
    They look good together on the banner.

  4. I love all of these, your style and character well set in each of these, that Winter storm is great, such fun all of them!

  5. Beautiful projects today, great idea with the angel wing! Hugs, Valerie

  6. You have the coolest Advent Calendar evah, Corrine! Love these new additions, especially the memorial! Sweet! So, could that “little house” be an outhouse? It immediately reminded me of Aunt Jeannette’s house–no indoor plumbing! Water was carried from the schoolyard across the street for drinking and cooking and bathing, and then there was that outhouse. Kind of a novelty during the day, but at night–frightening to say the least! Thanks for my private trip down Memory Lane! (Oh, I guess it’s not so private now!)

  7. You calendar is great. Don’t forget about the French Toast casserole. Big hit. I’m confused. Did your beagle baby pass on?

    • These all look so lovely together. Your angel has attitude and I think she’s having my kind of hair day. Sorry about your friend’s darling angel who has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Your tribute was heartwarming.

      BTW. I am still waiting for our bad storm. Maybe tonight or in the morning.

  8. kampysgirl says:

    Love looking at your days in Advent! The winter storm is my favorite!
    I am sorry to hear about Canuk- truly a beautiful tribute for the fur baby -xo

  9. who said all angels must be proper? your garland is great we all should try that good idea in our own way then have a show date next fall!

  10. Wonderful idea! Love your Advent garland!!

  11. A wonderful angel with her halo, angels are taking part in all kind of events, just like us!!! – and LOVE the :Winter storm, Corrine…Your garland will soon be filled, and this December gone…. maybe you will continue to the 31/12 ?
    Hug from me !!

  12. Love seeing your advent calendar like that. And the wall behind it is gorgeous too 🙂

  13. each one so great and so you Corrine!
    and don’t they look wonderful strung all together

  14. i really like your Advent calendar!

  15. Coming along beautifully!

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