Fabric Collage for the Windows

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Stitching, collaging, making some fabric collage to use in my studio windows.  Wanted some privacy, but not at the expense of losing all the light.  Like a garland, these 3×3 ish pieces hang vertically with rag strips in between make a semi private shade without totally blocking the view.  Hung on hemp cording, simply stitched, the pieces can be adjusted up or down to make a pleasing display.  Free form stitching all over the square keeps them together.  Rag strips tied on in between and a button at each end. Feeling blues and greens everywhere these days, but adding a shot of hot pink  and oranges for some heat.



the window in progress.IMG_4458 IMG_4460


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  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Very cute and rustic! Perfect for your new old maine farm house!

  2. froebelsternchen says:

    This looks amazing Corinne- I love this !

  3. I love this Corinne!

  4. lyndabloombakecreate says:

    Love it!

  5. Fantastic idea, love what you have made, and it would be crime to block that view! Enjoy! Hugs, Valerie

  6. I do love the complete freedom of these squares and your wonderful attitude of “just do it”. I can imagine that it would be terrific fun to make these squares and each one is a little work of art in these fabrics and colours.
    Or in other words – squeal! gulp! gasp! – and it’s given me an idea.

  7. of course I absolutely love this. xx

  8. Love this idea Corrine, it looks great.

  9. pamelaarts says:

    Collaging on fabric–now THAt is cool!

  10. I love surrounding myself with art, and this is one option that I have missed. Love how your creations (might) redirect the sun, yet let in the all-important light! I need to rethink the window coverings in my studio. You have inspired me and left me in awe of your creativity! Mwah!

  11. It’s gonna be gorgeous! Love the colors.

  12. LOVE!!! You are still inspiring me after all this time. I made an artsy valance for my studio 8 years ago – I think it’s time to make something new!

  13. Sweet! Great idea. xo

  14. That’s so cool!

  15. kampysgirl says:

    What a neat idea! a few more lengths- kinda like – hippie beads! heehee I actually am going to give this a whirl for my space in the barn as a separator- thank you for the inspiration my friend!! Love it and seeing a new addition to your cool space! xoxo

  16. So creative as always here! xx

  17. What a great idea! Functional and pretty; what more is needed?

  18. great idea.! does the sun shine in that window?

  19. This is a wonderful idea, Corrine, – yes ,-you need the light and the view, and you don`t need strangers to look straight into your room… this is perfect ,looks like a beautiful mobile and so allive!!

  20. Aww! This is such a perfect little creation for the windows! I’d love to see them with glass beads, just to pick up the sparkle from the sunlight and reflect it back into the studio! Too cute, Corrine 🙂 Love the idea of using soft fabrics, textured with random stitches…I think I’ll give this a try! Thank you for the inspiration!

  21. Very very charming! I once saw squares stitched on organza that I thought were a cute idea, too, very nice!

  22. gorgeous, love it!

  23. Yet another clever use of materials on hand and artsy sensibilities. Such fun!

  24. Love where you’re going with this…
    so original and artsy fartsy (meant as a supreme compliment!!!)

  25. You’re so creative! This is a great solution for the window…and it used up scraps and bits and pieces.

  26. That is a super idea. Love the way you think!!

  27. awesome!

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