A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas continued days 3 and 4

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Our primitive Charlie Brown kind of Advent garland is turning out to be pretty sweet.  I can already see possibilities for other things emerging from these simple pieces.  December 3rd  and December 4th.  While there is not enough snow left ot make this jaunty snowman, that stars sure are pretty here at night. We got a big coating of ice last night which has draped the trees in shimmery glow.  Just fitting for the season.


Hopefully I will get to build my own snowman this year.  I like this jeweled belly button.


May the heavenly bodies that are stars shine brightly in your night sky.


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  1. You are on a roll. Keep’em coming.

  2. They are GORGEOUS!! Love how you have made these cuties! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Lovely! I so like your style Corinne!

  4. i love These, too and am looking Forward to the next ones:)

  5. fun! the forecast is for more snow for you! you may get to build before Christmas! enjoy the peace!

  6. This is the cutest Christmas garland I have seen this year.

    Gaby xo

  7. I’m suffering from “Advent garland collage” envy! I’ve got to do one!
    Yours is absolutely brilliant, I love your corrugated snowman all ready for a night out.

  8. We also have sub-freezing temps, but are dry. I look forward to seeing a real snowman at your place, BUT until then, I’ll take this cutie. These are really turning out well. Both are so well done, they could be art for art’s sake.

  9. Loving watching your Christmas garland grow day by day, Corrine! Two great additional today–love your snowman!

  10. I love these so much!! Thanks for the inspiration, I’m creating my own now too!

  11. Nancy Lee says:

    Snowman LOVE coming to you from FL!
    Both cards are beautiful!!

  12. loving this.

  13. What a charming garland ~ I love it!

  14. enchanting post.. a charlie brown christmas is perfect! xox

  15. pamelaarts says:

    Oh! i love these — makes me feel festive.love that top photo especially….and the snowman….

  16. love your idea about the advent-calendar! Will make great memories of your first Christmas in your new home 🙂

  17. Love your collage snowman!
    Groetjes Karin

  18. Sweetest snowman ever. Your garland makes me SMILE with my whole heart.

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