A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas

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December snuck up on me and I’ve yet to put up a single decoration, that is, until this early morning.  Christmas will be here in three plus short weeks and I am still unpacking and will be into the New Year.  But I don’t want to miss the greens and glitter, the baubles and bits of sparkle, the twinkle of the lights and the festive moods.  So this morning, as a way of dipping my toe back into creativity everyday, I created a Charlie Brown kind of decoration for the studio.

I purchased some decorated clothespins at Paper Source while in Texas knowing I wouldn’t have time for anything but simple decoration.  The pins were numbered 1 through 24 and decorated with red.  I took a piece of brown waxed linen and some pushpins and hung a lopsided garland of string.  Each day for the rest of Advent I will create a tiny piece of art as a gift to my Advent calendar.  Rather than opening something from the calendar, I will give something to it and by Christmas it will be full.

I started with a stack of torn 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 size papers that already had backgrounds and covered them all with gesso.



From this stack I will decorate one a day with any way that comes to me and hang them from the calendar on the wall.  I started a day late so this morning I made two.


Which it is starting to do now.


And moon, which we have not seen in a few days. I hung them on the garland and took an instagram.


The old plaster wall really makes it more festive with it’s sorta coats of whitish paints.


Trying to be present.


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  1. Great idea, and a wonderful collage. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a neat idea. Perhaps next year I can pick up on your idea. Enjoy the moment!…….*s*

  3. Oh my, what a fantastic idea, just a little collage every day, and you have the paper and pegs already. Love them both, especially “Snow in a field”. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. kampysgirl says:

    What a grand idea!! I love that you are adding- art everyday of Advent! You are so clever as well as artsy and sweet! xoxo

  5. what a fabulous idea!!

  6. Looks to me like you have created a very special advent calendar here, Corrine! Love the idea. Our decorations will be every-so-simple this year, too, as we will be having a Cape Cod Christmas with my sister! Love your December art, Girlfriend!

  7. Aaaah we are in the same boat … Already into Dec and i’ve not put out one decoration… But i need to. If for no other reason than i need to pull out Christmas so i can repack it for shipment… I need to get a move on. Hugs! deb

  8. Nancy Lee says:

    Beautiful! That is a wonderful idea! Using your new studio wall!
    You might want to leave it up all year!

  9. You are full of great ideas Corrinne…wonderful.

  10. Ooh I just LOVE thst!

  11. What a wonderful idea and a lovely display! I especially like the distressed style photo, looks really cool.

  12. I still don’t have my Christmas decorations up, and, unlike you, I don’t have an excuse. I adore your Charlie Brown kind of Christmas. This is a wonderful way to honor the season.

  13. Karen Isaacson says:

    I love this idea – both taking the time to create every day during this season, and the idea of adding something instead of taking something away- counting UP instead of counting down. lovely.

  14. This looks gorgeous Corinne… your deco makes me HAPPY!
    Thank you for joining us at AJJ!
    wish a happy Advent to you!

  15. looks great its hard to get in the spirit when everything is in a box somewhere! It would be fun to do that and exchange little pictures,

  16. What a great idea! You must love working in your new studio.

  17. This is such a great idea Corrine, oh how I love it your way! I too love to hang things up with wooden pegs and this advent idea is great! Your first days look wonderful, I hope you keep us posted with the developments, it’s looking so festive here already!

  18. this is such a super cool idea, i love These!
    thanks for commenting on my blog, very appreciated!

  19. I am in love with this.

  20. excellent! i saw your instagram shots without this explanation – love them even more.

  21. pamelaarts says:

    This is great — keep it simple, arty and enjoy. Good idea. xo

  22. December snuck up on me, too! Love your focus and intent on being present. You’re my role model!

  23. I like this idea all year round

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