Black and Almost White

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Black and Almost White.  Typography and ascemic writing. Doodles.

IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4110 IMG_4111

Spiralling down into relaxation, see you in a few.


  1. Another great page, love the combo of items and patterns. Hugs, Valerie

  2. That works really well.

  3. That is very clever the way the printed text collage is brought together with the ascemic writing, the little frame and the spiral.
    I’ve used ascemic writing but didn’t know that this is what it was called.

  4. kampysgirl says:

    Very interesting Corrine- do the piece of words you picked have a message? I found one for myself in there~ xo

  5. I like the almost white. A little less stark. Enjoy your relaxing. You deserve.

  6. This has interest for the eyes, you always do something different and unique! Enjoy your relaxing time, it sounds like you’ve had lots of fun!

  7. Love spirals…. I would put them in every piece of artwork. 🙂 Hugs! deb

  8. Something totally different from you, Corrine,- relaxed and cool , so great you can feel the stress leaving your body and soul !!
    Hugs- Dorthe

  9. This has limited color but limitless impact! Love how you’ve used words and line to create such a dynamic piece of art!

  10. it’s good to let go and find your way closer to relaxation…
    you work so hard!
    these pages look cool

  11. Very different for you, dear. But I like it. I’m always drawn to black and white. This piece speaks volumes to me.

  12. Super cool! very pretty!

  13. A great combination of color, Corrine! Love your “almost” white as it softens your project!

  14. Love all the text! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I’m always attracted to art with text or writing…love this!!

  16. love the delicacy of some of the marks contrasted with the chunkiness of some of the graphics.

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