Collage in series

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A small series of collages using my favorite Rubber Moon stamp and some painted and overstamped papers.  These will eventually go out as mail art,  yes finally some mail art in the making, but since I am still at Lucky Star, these babies will be with me.  Getting back in the swing of making for over a week now and it feels so good just to noodle and create.  When you read this I will be busy teaching for all of the day and will be looking forward to a respite on Saturday ( a class with Mindy Lacefield, YAY, and a massage).  Ah I can almost feel the muscles melting and myself getting the benign smile of the moon face.  More in a few days.IMG_4101









  1. Beautiful collage. Have fun, enjoy your workshops, and come back refreshed! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow, these are stunning. I’ve never seen that stamp, but I really like it. And I like how each of these, made with similar materials all look so different and take on a personality of their own.

    Have a great massage, you lucky gal!

  3. Fantastic collages Corinne!
    Enjoy the event and have fun by teaching and learning!

  4. I love your collages, so happy and bright! Have a wonderful massage, that will do you so much good, relax!

  5. Yummy collages! Lucky people who will get them as mail art!

  6. love the little face among the colors. makes me smile!

  7. kampysgirl says:

    So glad to hear you are treating yourself to classes too!! Enjoy! xo

  8. Love me some MailArt and those look Yummy!! Hugs! deb

  9. Glad to see you are relaxing and having fun, along with the work involved with the camp. Your postcards look so bright and cheery! ahhh, massage…..

  10. Thanks for sharing this beautiful collage art with us as you are off making art! Enjoy the time immersed with like-minded folks! Mwah!

  11. Wonderful moon stamp, and looks like you used gold, with the ockre ? looks great and a bit , lovely ” naughty” with those colours together !!
    Sounds like you so enjoy your trip away from home,- learning -teaching, and OH MY…getting a wonderful massage, too !! You lucky woman !! 🙂

  12. What good fun, I love how your collages just seem to appear as if by magic, your magic.
    Looking forward to seeing (hopefully) what appears from a class with Mindy Lacefield.

  13. LOVELY papers. Bet you really enjoy that massage.

  14. It’s fascinating how your collages come to life, that is so skilful.

  15. Nancy Lee says:

    Wow! Love the moon stamp alright!
    Now I have “massage envy”!
    Is that a real thing? Yes, I think so!!

  16. These collages/mail art are so bright and cheery. I can see how much fun you have been having in creating these and just love that sweet little moon face!

  17. These collages have so much life in them, I especially like the cheeky little first one.

  18. Love your collages!! I still have and love the one you mailed me so many moons ago heehee.

  19. What fun mail art! I love that moon face stamp.

    Enjoy your massage!

  20. These make me smile. Love the whimsical faces peering out!

  21. FUN! I know you’re having a great time and rejoicing in being back in the creative saddle. Great little collage series…..

  22. <3

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