Be Willing To Let Go

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Be willing to let go. Be willing to expect the unexpected to show up. Be willing to try anything. Be willing.

BE anything you want to be.

BE anything you want to be.


Be big

Be big

Let a little wildness in

Let a little wildness in

Go together

Go together

Be different

Be different

Just be willing to let go.  My mantra of late, a daily affirmation.




  1. I Love this one, and it sounds so easy, letting go, and is always so difficult! Wonderful page! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Yes Yes Yes a simple phrase for something that can sometimes be so difficult!!

  3. Love it Corrine! Hugs! deb

  4. pamelaarts says:

    Totally agree — I try! Love the work. xo

  5. This is just GORGEOUS Corinne…love all this unique faces you did create in this lovely page! very expressive!
    Big hug

  6. lyndabloombakecreate says:

    Love it! And so true.

  7. Ah fun faces. Letting go..being free..we all must learn to do this to be happier.

  8. It’s a great mantra, we all would benefit from! Your art is always a treat and so different, a real pleasure!

  9. Looks like you did it admirably.

  10. Nancy Lee says:

    Love the guy in the tie ,under “Be Big.”
    What is he thinking…?

  11. Wise words and I LOVE the artwork!!

  12. those little faces don’t all look willing to let go! Its tough sometimes!

  13. Love the way your and words enhance each other!

  14. Should say: I love the way your art and words enhance each other!

  15. Corrine, : “let it be ” …also here I`m trying to be willing to let go….meaning I am to throw so many things and pieces ,from my shop-workroom , as I would never be able to take it with me, when moving from here !!!
    Your art piece is gorgeous…the background looks fantastic and “allive”, and your people, so expressive !!! Let go !!! so meaningfull, and so difficult !!
    Dorthe, …have a great evening !!

  16. A powerful mantra that you’ve captured in the art!

  17. The key is…be willing, as you say, Corrine. I once gave a bedroom set to the two young daughters of a friend. It had been my daughter’s, and she had taken such good care of it, even as a child. When I visited the girls’ room some months later, the furniture was covered with stickers and fingernail polish and lots of “goo!” I had physically “let go” of the furniture, but had not been willing to emotionally “let go.” We need to be willing to totally let go. Thanks for the reminder today, my friend!

  18. Great affirmation and how you have illustrated it…
    letting go is definitely an ongoing process I find
    sometimes easy
    sometimes not easy at all

  19. Love your illustration, a fascinating piece of work with so many inventive people and faces.
    I’m not too sure that your guys are happy with the advice, especially the last one, aaawww he looks so sad.

  20. So true…this is the hardest thing for me to get across to my students in my art journal class. I love your piece. (sorry I’m so late getting here)

  21. The illistration is full of enchanting naivety, I love that, and the message is really true!

  22. Love this work.
    Love this reminder.
    Deep breaths and sweet white light being sent your way. <3

  23. Amen, Sistah.

  24. I love it! the colors and little people face expressions. it looks great! Beautiful and wise words as well. Thank you for sharing it!

  25. Be willing – hmmmm; I can embrace that! Thanks for sharing – again!

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