Found Drawing Forest Sprite

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Found drawing in my collage of a forest sprite.  Simple black image on a painted and collaged background inspired by the hint of a lettuce leaf from a magazine edge that formed her hair.


Watercolor paper, scraps of painted paper, vintage book pages, kraft, acrylic paint, uniball black pen, gelli printed fabric.


Wind, rain, thunder and lightening, more wind, more rain no power for most of the day.  Breakfast cooked on the wood stove, thankfully we have one. Dark day by candlelight.

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  1. I love found images! They are always such a fun surprise!!

  2. what a great collage-she looks like her woman power means business!

  3. You work so hard on that house and still find the energy to create!!! I applaud you. There is almost always an image of some kind on collage papers. It’s fun to seek those images out.

  4. Though you have so much to do you find the time to make art ..and even such great art!
    Love your forest woman – she is adorable on this special beautiful background!
    Happy renovating Corinne! Wish power to you! Keep care of you!

  5. Love your journal page and the atmospheric photo! Hugs, Valerie

  6. How I love your art, it all comes together and looks so great, there are always things to lock and pull you in and bright colours to brighten the way through the dark stormy days. It sounds like you had a day to be cosy in!

  7. Inspired by a lettuce leaf! Love it! Hugs! deb

  8. love ms. lettuce! is she related to tom tomato? god stuff to do on a yucky day!


  9. A wonderful background, Corrine, love all the bits and pieces and the way you painted them!!
    The forest woman, is totally at home there, and sweeping in and out of from the trees!!
    Your photo is fantastic… and I hope you will not have more dayes without power !! so much that is imposssible to do then !!

  10. Very organic forest woman. Nicely done to meet the AJJ challenge.

    I was without power for six days in January one year during a snow and ice storm. I hope you fared better than I.

  11. I’ve no idea how you found the delightful sprite on your collage page, but I love all the texty and collagey goodness and the kind looking forest sprite. She looks very calm.

  12. kampysgirl says:

    What a delightful sprite to be found by candlelight!! Seems magical to me! xo

  13. Special how your forest sprite materialized out bits of this and that so magically by your hands!

  14. I was not here for a while, and today I see such wonderful colors and shapes here on your blog! Very, very fine and tasteful.
    Much love to you

  15. What a wonderful collage again. Your colors make me happy 🙂

  16. The great back ground looks like maybe it was made from some wallpaper from your house
    your are “fixing up”! Neat job!

  17. Love that background – so many cool papers in there. Sorry to hear you were w/o power!

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