Whimsy in the Forest

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This month Sheila(Orange Esmerelda) is the impetus for the Art-Journal-Journey theme Deep in the Forest.  Sheila’s work is full of color and whimsy with marvelous creatures popping up here and there. In honor of her style, my first piece for the theme involves popsicle trees, treebots and the full moon.  Also in true Sheila fashion, the original has been digitally altered to create yet another version of the piece “whimsy in the forest”.  Thanks Sheila and Susi for making this month’s fun.

The treebots only come out in the full moon deep in the forest under the popsicle trees.

Digital altered  Whimsy in the Forest

Digital altered Whimsy in the Forest

I rather like this digital version the best. Here is the original and the closeup of the Treebot

Whimsy in the Forest

Whimsy in the Forest




  1. I love it! Now if I did something similar I would hate it but when I see yours, it makes me smile!

  2. I totally love the treebot and will look out for him the next full moon in our nearby forest. He looks as if he is walking fast so I’ll have to be quick. Love the popsicle trees too and that atmospheric moon, what an imagination you have. I like both versions, can’t choose between them as they are both magically wonderful.
    Thanks for the nice tribute, I am very touched.

  3. I like the digital one too…very mysterious.

  4. Another wonderful and fun piece, just LOVE it! Glad you found time for art! Hugs, Valerie

  5. love your lovely forest,very beautiful.

  6. froebelsternchen says:

    I adore this .. the original version as well as the digital altered one!
    GORGEOUS Corinne! Fab to have you with us…deep in the forest!

  7. kampysgirl says:

    How fun is your little tree bot! what is a tree bot? is he from your imaginarium?heehee I like them both ,but am fond of the colorized one the most! xoxo

  8. That is made very beautiful, but the first version pleases me better, than the digitized, I like the only few colors here!

  9. So whimsical and beautiful in the same time. Love the first one most. Lovely colours and elements.

  10. I like the digital one, looks like a page from a child’s reader!

  11. haha, my first thought also was popsicals… i love your forest very much!

  12. Oh these are fabulous for the season, I can feel Halloween on it’s way with these, I love them both!

  13. What a sweet little treebot playing between the popsicle trees,- you are so full of wonderful fantasy dear Corrine, and your colours just shows the fantastic light from a full moon shining on the autum coloured forest !!! I love that , but also your altered one…. BUT my oldfashioned me, kind of prefer the “real” one made by you !!
    Hugs and a great evening to you !!

  14. I love both of these, Corrine! Great trees, and your “bot” is adorable! But, like you, am leaning toward the digitally altered version. Guess I am not feeling colorful today. Hugs, and see you later in the week!

  15. wow…I like both, but the digital is scarier;) Inspiring!

  16. treebot and full moon 🙂 Simply beautiful!

  17. Popsicle Trees! Love ’em! 🙂

  18. The feeling of the digital one goes with the expression on the explorer’s face better, but when I first saw it, I thought it wasn’t yours because it was missing all your signature color. I still like it in color. 🙂 Glad you made a little time for art in and around doing the flooring and the windows and the painting – oh my!

  19. My back went totally out and yes, I was on mind and muscle numbing medication. I first read treebutts…. OK after that the words were nonsense to me but at least I like the images! And now, 4 days later I see things clearly 😀 I still love the images and treebots. It all makes perfect whimsical sense.

  20. Both versions are gorgeous, Corrine… but I think I like the first one most!

  21. Still playing catch up this month!
    Your popsicle trees, treebots under the full moon are fab Corrine!
    The coloring in your first piece really sets the scene for me of an October night under the moon.

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