Studio Table, Living Beings and Trees

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Seth Apter has a call to take a photo of your studio table and play along with over 100 other participants today.  Seth is always great for group activities and he makes everyone feel most welcome.  My studio table is actually pretty neat for me, since we are moving soon, most of my studio is packed up and I have been creating mostly journal pages with recycled collage bits and paint. This photo was taken yesterday as I was working in my journal.

Half way through the day I realized it was my Mother’s birthday.  She’s been gone for 33 years now and while I never forget her birthday it always sneaks up on me sometime during that day.  I was creating a tree, a living being for the Mix-it-Monthly challenge and the Art-Journal-Journey challenge and my whole theme in my head shifted to Treasured memories and what kind of life I was now living that was different from my Mom’s.  I am sure she is laughing somewhere at how much I haven’t changed since I was a girl….and how the perfectionist in her would want to tidy my table oh so desperately, even though it’s not really messy at all.

Enjoy your treasured memories and the creative messes you make. IMG_3685








  1. Too neat by far. Soon you’ll be settled again.

  2. Love your journal page, and thanks again for joining us at AJJ. Your table looks so tidy, you need to get that move done! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  3. So very colorful and fine! Your trees are really special and lifefull.
    Greetings from Erika

  4. I’d really love to have cubbies behind my work table, but that isn’t going to happen. You have a LOT going on for someone who is getting ready to move. I was most impressed with your art journal. Those pages are stunning.

  5. looks cleaned up to me! love the tree . I need to plant a few of those for the birds to hide in!

  6. Always love to see people’s work spaces and art supplies!! Your upcycled life is just great!!

  7. I absolutely LOVE seeing how people work! Your table does look pretty neat! Beautiful and colorful!

  8. Love all those colors around, they give so much energy 🙂

  9. I’m visiting from Seth’s blog hop. I love your tree!!

  10. Your tree- the upcycled life- magic! Great basket of pens to have right there- you might be in a temporary studio but you’re still creating wonderful pieces in it!

  11. Nice to see your table.. looks like a piece of art itself. These pages are just perfect for this season right now. Mom is laughing, I’m sure… but also very proud of you.

  12. Nice and tidy!

  13. Love taking a peek inside your journal. Looking forward to seeing your new studio space too. My mom has been gone for years too, and I think of her often…although her birthday was on January 1st. A happy day to you friend!

  14. I love your little mess, the colours and magazine pages laying around, and so much the pages of : Treasured dayes ,- a wonderful way of remembering your mothers birthday , and “being ” with her on her day !!
    Also love you remembering her with such happy colours !!
    Hugs, and congratulations ,Corrine.

  15. Awesome post! 😀

  16. Nice peek! Love your tree. Feel you thinking of your mom – for me it’s my dad, 31 years tomorrow. Hugs to you.

  17. As always your colors click with me.
    I think I am on a tree binge now.
    Like the peek on your desk.
    Why is it so fun to go peeking?

  18. I had a recent move, so I know how it can be to have your supplies packed away, but glad you kept a few for art journaling…that is a lovely spread and the sharing of your memories is really dear!
    Good luck with your move! I might peek in to see how your new space develops – if these peeks are any indication, your new space will be just as colorful and inspiring!

  19. Your work is so colorful and happy!

  20. lovely thoughts……and you are pretty neat!

  21. It appears you still have plenty of supplies to work with and indeed you do work with them. Well done!

  22. So love your most colorful work space, Corrine! Beautiful stuff comes out of this physical chaos!

  23. I’m afraid I have too many treasures and need to recycle my art space. If only mine looked like yours!

  24. Beautiful colours and textures as always… It is going to be fabulous seeing your new studio emerge… Packing away one and being without for a time is going to be awful… Always a joy to visit here

  25. Like being at Disneyland!! Love your cheerful, sparkly space Corrine!

  26. cHim Prints says:

    Can’t imagine moving and keeping the creative juices going too! Wonderful pages. Love the look into your changing world.

  27. Enjoyed your journal and especially your pencil station!

  28. That’s a nice peek inside your studio. – eric

  29. Great workspace and lovely journal work :o)

  30. A work table is tidy if you’ve managed to keep one bit to do actual work on! Congratulations. I like your ‘upcycled tree’. Ann

  31. You have a lovely table, beautiful tree. xoxo

  32. OMG how I love your collage-art! Your piles of paper and all those yummy pen…looks so inspiring to me…I feel I have to make some more room on my table and start to make art instead of watching into my computerscreen 🙂 Your tree is amazing and so eyecatching!! What a great idea!

  33. I love your tree and creative space, messy creative spaces are great, and you’re right yours isn’t even that messy! Thanks for sharing dear friend,

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment and thanks for a sneak peak into your studio space and life.

  35. Your space is in the making …all over again! For now it looks like a comfortable area with those warm colors- and your journal spread is beautiful~ and as I read your post i started to cry as I realized why I have been so somber today- it’s my Mom’s birthday- and as you say, it is never forgotten but it sneaks up on you-maybe our Mom’s are laughing together “)
    warm hugs my friend xoxo

  36. How wonderful how your artjournalpage turned into a treasured memory page…. It looks beautiful, and on your workdesk at least you have room to do something, which is not the case with mine …. 😉

  37. love seeing the table-and your work (love the tree!), thanks for sharing!

  38. your table sure makes me want to sit down and create! love the tree journal page too. Thanks for the visit:)

  39. your upcycled art (and quote) is pretty cool! Love all the colors!

  40. Fabulous! love the switch your brain made and the journal page is SO wonderful. Goes to show you don’t need tons of supplies to have a satisfying creative result – it’s just more fun!

  41. Like your creative mess. I really love to see people’s work spaces and art supplies! I enjoyed the sneak peak into your studio space. Thank you!

  42. I love seeing people’s creative spaces! Thanks for sharing yours and your journal page.

  43. It’s a joy tree and a very happy desk I would say. Your mom sounds like my mom…tidy.


  44. I do like your spiky tree, so joyful, and what good fun to see your supplies and work area.

  45. lambertjill says:

    Thanks for sharing your space and your colorful and uplifting journal page. Jill

  46. Waaaay behind here on reading the studio table links from Seth’s blog, but I’m glad I caught up to yours! Your table looks great! Much more useable than mine at the moment 😉 That’s a beautiful journal page and a beautiful tribute to your mother.

  47. Well, you certainly don’t need another comment on this post because they are FULL!! However… that tree!!!


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