Art Journal — Living, Growing, Blooming

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Living, growing, blooming.  All wonderful things.  But sometimes I forget that this is what life is about.  Too concerned with the day to day have to’s that I forget to live, grow and bloom for myself.  Taking a moment to step back into life and enjoy the simple joy of it.  Living, growing, blooming, breathing, seeing, feeling, experiencing.  That’s what I am doing today. How about you?

living, growing, blooming

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  1. Love what you have made, your tree is really special. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Just gorgeous spread. Love your wonderful tree.

  3. This is so refreshing Corrine, I love it, your art uplifts!

  4. Love the leaves, Corinne xx

  5. VERY cool tree. Love how you designed it. It’s happy, uplifting, and stands out so nicely on the page!! Great job.

  6. Glad as always to see you allow yourself some “me” time. I shall be doing the same but my journal page will regretfully show the tree cut down as that is what is happening here. 🙁

  7. Perfect for fall!
    That is a sweet tree!
    I bet soon it will have apples!
    (no autumn in FL yet)

  8. Beautiful piece of work!

  9. Still trying to get my feet back under me after a whirlwind couple of weeks…:) Hugs! deb

  10. First, to your art: I love the “elementary” or “basic” feel to your background. It gives the whole piece a sense of strength. Your tree, too, shows strength and wisdom with the goodness of life showing in the veins of the bark. And, then, the leaves, possibly representing people in all their different stages of their journeys. Remarkable art, Corrine! Your message of “living, growing, blooming” is well received here. As one moves to a more “senior” journey, the relevance of this becomes even more important. Seize the day, I say!

  11. one word:

    Love your fabulous tree Corinne!
    Thanks a lot for oining AJJ!


  12. I love the colorful collaged leaves on the tree. Blessings!

  13. This is magical. Your tree makes me happy. A real beauty that has the colors of the season.

  14. lovely tree,i love the colors and the beautiful leaves on your tree.

    xxx jeannette

  15. i love the mixed Patterns of the leaves – a very Special tree!

  16. Gorgeous Corrine!!! I can feel the contentment here…love those leaves! xxoo

  17. Been keeping up on your progress at the new place and your blog posts via facebook. Thought I’d pop in here for a change and give you some blog lovin’. Be well, Corrine! 🙂

  18. Taking those days to bloom and stretch in the sunlight are what it is all about, isn’t it ?
    Enjoy those precious moments, Beautiful !

  19. What a fantastic autumn tree, which lived and blomed all summer, for now to rest a bit , and relax till next spring… I`m so happy for you, you did not do the same, but totally lived in happy doings today ! We shall all, now and then remember to do just what you did !!
    Dorthe xxx

  20. What a wonderful page, Corriene!! Love the collage leaves

  21. Awww gorgeous Corrine, look at the leaves…each one of them tells its own story! And yes it all takes time…time to grow, time to bloom, to fruit and also time to rest and look inward after the harvest is over…to have the power to start a new groth in spring again…thank you for reminding me 🙂

  22. Now this is one great tree! And living in the moment shouldn’t need a reminder, and yet it does. Thanks for the reminder and the cool art!

  23. I love those leaves! Wonderful tree!

  24. Beautiful message Corrine and lovely and magical tree! Great reminder!

  25. Thought surely I left a comment on your wonderful tree…
    guess it doesn’t count if it’s only in my head.
    Brilliant Corrine … speaks of life!

  26. beautiful tree!

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