Art Journal — Life is a Hive

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Living beings – thanks Valerie for this theme at Art-Journal-Journey.  Life is a hive. The busier I am, the more I get done.






  1. Love your collage, life is really like a hive, and you have wonderfully conveyed your message of being busy here. Great colours, too. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hive, indeed. You are in high gear, my friend. My busy-ness in work and family overtakes my art fun. Still trying to figure out that balance.

  3. that little bird is adorable

  4. love it (as usual)……..

  5. Great images to build a page with with the hive theme!

  6. Love this compilation of business, Corrine! Each element quite capable of standing along, yet together perfectly reinforce that theme! Well done!

  7. Love it! The little bird is just too cute! Oh goodness the feathers are just too much!!

  8. What a fab busy page Corinne! I love this .. yes life is a hive – but so much better than it would be boring !
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us at AJJ!
    ( I bought my couch especially for my dogs.. I seldom take place onit .. as I looked in the furniture market after a couch and told the woman — I need this one, because it would be quite well for my dogs.. she looked like if I were crazy… lol…

  9. Busy, busy,,,,,that little bird seems to have a lot on his mind.

  10. This is great! It buzzes with life and busy times, I love this piece!

  11. buzz buzz buzz
    super collage to express yourself!

  12. wow,super collage,yes the life its full of people,love your beautiful collage.

    xxx Jeannette

  13. you are such a good sport to take time to blog amid all the busyness! its fun to see where your brain takes you!

  14. Bussy as a bee, yes you are, dear Corrine,- I hope you are well,- as even we often make more ,when bussy, there is a border not to pass, ..I know it -it`s called stress !!
    But your bird resting while watching the hive, seems to feel very good !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  15. How freely you mix all the papers and colors together!! Seems timelimit is a great thing 😉 You inspire me to grab out my art journal again 😉 Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  16. You are awfully clever with your collages, this is another good one with a strong theme.

  17. Things in motion tend to stay in motion….where have i heard that…? Oh! On a commercial i think…lol…Love your collage my friend! Hugs!deb

  18. I also find that to be true…when I’m busy I get much more done. And this piece portrays that feeling. Love your bird!

  19. Lovely, lively collage. Love it!

  20. Wonderful collage,dear Corrine!! Yes, you do know busy as a bee- don’t you!! xoxo

  21. Interesting Page!! love your take on AJJ theme this month. Its wow!!
    Yes life is hive 🙂 we need to be busy

  22. If you like it, then you’d better put a bird on it! Ut ut oh!

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