Art Journal — A Patch of Blue

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Finding comfort in a patch of blue.  Looking skyward, contemplating the universe.  I find that when I need to rest my eyes, rest my mind, that is exactly what I do.  Look at that patch of blue(or gray or clouds or rain).  Look into the expanse of sky. A bird may be flying, clouds may be hurling themselves across the sky, a stampede of clouds,  like shoppers at a sale when the store doors open. Rain may be falling  or snow and out comes the tongue to catch the gift. I always feel amazed by what I see, as if I have opened my eyes for the first time. Each view is new, each view has it’s own story for that moment.  Life has it’s own story for that moment and we need to grab it before is slides away, just like those clouds.  Finding comfort in a patch of blue.





photos altered with DistressedFX. Magazine collage, and washi tape.


  1. Wonderful page! Yes, the sky has a magic all of its own, I never tire of looking at it either. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love this page and especially what you said.

  3. Marvelous collage. So much to ponder in this patch of blue!

  4. Love this collage, Corrine, and the motivation behind it! Escaping from the reality of the moment often gives us the strength to continue on. A wonderful exercise!

  5. So well said and captured in your art journal! My eye was so drawn to that blue!

  6. I really appreciated your messge along with the great journal laypu!

  7. I’m amazed at the things you pull together with little pieces of this and that.

  8. You always remind me to slow down and focus on the important 🙂 🙂

  9. another good, thoughtful page.

  10. Nancy Lee says:

    A little blue, a little yellow underneath. Super journal page!
    (It is good for your eyes to stretch them by looking off like that).

  11. Oh I love this and your wonderful words to go with it Corrine! That’s it, so good to stop and look around, take in the precious moment!

  12. That’s a lovely combination, and arrangement, of images Corrine.

  13. Lovely words and a fascinating collage, which looks so easy when you have finished it, but I’m sure it’s not so easy.

  14. Ahhh.. solace in the sky. Look up to keep grounded. Love it. Great page.

  15. pamelaarts says:

    love that page! totally! xoxo

  16. Great journal page ~ love the collage and there’s something fable-like in the “patch of blue.” Love it!

  17. Doing the exat same thing, dear Corrine,– when in need to rest my eyes, my hands or my thoughts, eyes are taking in the sky, or the sea – to there find piece ,beauty and new experiences ,- how wonderful you said it, and showed it ,in your collage. And as alwayes a beautiful world of colours !!
    Dorthe -hug-

  18. I love what you said about each view being new. Sometimes we need that to appreciate what we have.

    I SO like that collage. The bicycle was what made me sit up and smile.

  19. The collage is great and I especially like the way you wrote about the sky…the clouds stampeding like shoppers at a sale! Very descriptive…I love it!

  20. Wishing you beautiful skies.

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