Art Journal – Sacred Architecture

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I’ve been absent from the journal for several days and after working on farmhouse rehab today for quite a long time, I needed some non-thinking meditative creating.  I picked up a copy of Metropolis magazine, which we get for our business and was NOT even considering the whole farmhouse rehab when these words sacred architecture jumped out at me. I then found the words design your life.  Again, not even thinking about what we’ve been doing for the last 3 months.  I tore apart some building images interspersed with faces and some of my new washi selections. It wasn’t until the whole page came together that I realized the message for myself.

And in this last week, we both slowed the process down and decided that we would just relax into the finishing of it and not rush to get in.  Our homes are sacred places for us to reside, we need to design them to fill us as overflowing vessels of goodness and light.  Every time I drive to the farm I stand in the French doors and take in the outward and downward view of the back yard, weeds and all.  We have chosen a place for our home with a different view, a field and woods, and not a pond, but the smell of the ocean permeates this place and gulls fly overhead, we are near.  Most distinctly is the feeling of standing above the landscape.  We have sun and not much shade, before we had shade and not much sun.  I feel like I am moving into this next phase, a warmer place.  Perhaps that’s why I have been painting in pinks and yellows, oranges and reds all summer long.  Sun is sitting inside me and I am blossoming into it. I will probably miss the pond, but I realized that the elevated landscape view is what is most important to me.  It speaks of expansion and growth and a continuation of heart opening and process.

So we will create OUR sacred architecture. It will be an expression of what we wish to become in this next phase of our life and not some ideal out of a magazine.  I do promise to share photos, kind of room by room as we complete them.  For now I will be dwelling in the designing of our life.


All these photos have been altered with distressedFX


I rather like that hatch marks


all parts of images from Metropolis.


  1. Beyond beautiful!! I love this so much.

  2. LOVE this page….and what you said. It is true the warmer place has been reflected in your palette. Such brightness and optimism!

  3. This rings so true to me. Love your page and what you wrote. So glad you were able to slow down. I left the chaos for a week. It will be there when I get back and hopefully will look different with a refreshed perspective.

  4. Great journal page! Slowing down is definitely the way to go. I love your words. Enjoy the heck out of the rest of your lives! xox

  5. This page is wonderful, my fave till now, very moving. Hugs, Valerie

  6. I guess as a garden is ‘never finished’ our home (where the heart is) can be re arranged sometimes. As for designing our life, that’s a little more tricky!

  7. Great mix of colours and images, it’s a very skillfuly arranged collage.
    I like everything you do and I love the spirit behind your art.

  8. wonderful! like your view of the future! and more sunshine is a good thing specially after it snows! How far are you from the coast? I bet the fall days will be grand!

  9. kampysgirl says:

    Your collages and post speak to me- what a most beautiful description of where you are and how those colors are coming from- love! xoxo

  10. Love this collage and all it signifies. And in my favorite colours too 🙂
    This might be (and probably is) a stupid question, but what is distressed FX? Love those hatch marks too …..

  11. Great page. Synchronicity to have the magazine arrive at just the right time (instead of the 2×4 the Universe sometimes sends). Our homes are sacred space .. our space … our hopes and dreams and our homes supply the arms to protect and nourish. Marvelous!

  12. Well done page, I love the imagery and how you have altered it. Glad you are choosing to take your time with your work, this way you can access your progress and adjust as needed. Hope your dogs are okay. I read something on FB that indicated some health issues. Hope it is getting better.

  13. A wonderful page ,dear Corrine, and so speaking of your life just now!! You are certainly designing a very importent part of your life right now. I think changes of place to live is wonderful, also in the way that we are forsed to get new favorites, new chores, and new ways of living,- all adding to a more colourful life, if only we wants to help ourself, I know you and your husbond so much wanted this, so even there are things to be maybe missed when moving , there are new views to love !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  14. This collage speaks so much of your life right now. It’s perfect. .. and great you are finding time to create.

  15. Nancy Lee says:

    Ahh, what a wonderful page. (me… I would of left the math sentence out…haha)!!

  16. I love this collage and sharing your journey dear friend!

  17. Your life has become your art! How cool is that? Truer than true!

  18. Oh the stories this tells! Love it.

  19. Beautiful collages that speak of your spirit in Designing Your Life. I love your essay on this…lovely and descriptive in a poetic way. Love that the sun is living inside you as you and hubby venture into this new season of your life. Look forward to photos of the transformation.

  20. This collage is beautiful and your post so thoughtful and reflective. I love how you move through life!

  21. Your approach to this renovation and your new home is so personal, so ….filled with things you have made and rejuvenated to make your own. I know once you move in, you’re going to feel that you’ve always been there – thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your journey.

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