Art Journal — Sometimes the flow is lonely

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Following the path, your path. Sometimes the flow is lonely.

I’ve been thinking about how when you follow your path you are walking it alone.  Making choices about where you will go next can only be done by you.  Sometimes you walk with others, sometimes you leave others along the way, but you always truly walk alone because no one can go exactly where you go ever.  Aloneness is okay, in fact many days I prefer it, I get ever so much more done. (Exept for letting dogs in and out 1000 times a day).  But sometimes it is lonely, the hard decisions, the twists and turns of the path, the obstacles that you can’t move out of the way until you go there alone.  So in connecting to my journal last night, this gal in her flowing dress had a lonely expression.

She is what she is, you are what you are and I am what I am and as long as we remember it’s all okay. Our true friends are always with us, in our heart and in our spirit, right beside us as we navigate through loneliness to light.


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  1. Great page, and a very true message! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Can you be alone and never lonely??? Once upon a time i would have said yes to that question as i ‘am comfortable with my aloneness . There is not one artsy/craftsy person in my immediate friend/family circle and truth be told that CAN get lonely…….But how wonderful it has been to find likeminded artsy craftsy people online.People like you Corrine! I LOVE your lonely girls hair the most. The swirls and wayward strands blowing in a breeze…. Gorgeous colors! Hugs! deb

  3. It’s good to be alone …… if you have the option of being with friends and family, or they are only absent for a short while. Your girl here looks a bit desperate, please come and talk to me she is saying – I think. On the other hand she may be saying, go away I’m trying to work here!!!
    Great dress, love the bell sleeves.

  4. Such a sweet, melancholy expression and message … amid bright, cheerful color. 🙂

  5. Your time in your journal brings wisdom – a wise message that struck a chord in me.

  6. This is simply gorgeous ,especially related to your great thoughts!

  7. I love my alone bubble.

  8. I really like how you took us from lonely to beauty. I’m sure she won’t be lonely long, because she surely has many friends who will be there if and when she needs them. This is a super piece.

  9. A part of me is glad that my husband has not yet retired! Shhhh! Don’t repeat that! I love my alone time…especially in the studio. When I look at your lady here, Corrine, I see her desperately asking, “Can I just have 5 more minutes? Please?” She is wise and know that somethings just need to be done alone! Great and oh-so-wise post today, my friend!

  10. “Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination. Calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting. Over and over announcing your place in the family of things.” from Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese. Your words and art brought these lines to mind.

  11. Making art is usually something you do alone…but those times you join a group really energise you.

  12. Nancy Lee says:

    Love the bell sleeves on her shirt! Ah, maybe bell bottom pants to go with it!!
    As I’m typing this the dogs are standing at the door barking to be let in…1001…

  13. Corrine your art touches me, as do your lovely words in this post. She really attracts the eyes, there is feeling running through your colourful art. I love her dress and hair, the colours, the brightness, her expression, all so great!

  14. Have you been peeking in my head or what?

  15. So very true for those of us brave enough to be original and creating authentically .. Xo

  16. love your girl and the thoughts that accompany her! how true!

  17. Great post Corrine and thoughtful art to go with. I don’t mind being alone either. Sometimes it does get to be too much though and I am thankful I can always call on a family member or friend when the loneliness gets to be too long and silent. I think our deepest growth occurs when we are alone.


  18. yes indeed
    it’s all good and hard and back again
    lovely thoughtful art piece you created!

  19. Great message and a wonderful page. Annette x

  20. Love your art! I know all about being a pet slave too as I have 4 cats and a dog. In and out all day long!

  21. Alone time is very important to me and I enjoy mine. I understand about the pets. I don’t have to let dogs out but my cats sure let me know when it’s time to eat.

  22. Amen, Sistah. She’s gorgeous, by the way.

  23. Alone is good. It’s the only way I can hear myself think. Or create.

  24. OMG your post gave me goosebumps today and it is excactly what I need to read right now!! I feel like your girl today and believe me or not I wear a beanie as I sit here and answer 😉 So I don´t have to tell you how I am in awe with your love love!!! Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  25. Nice work! I love your colors and the curvy lines.

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