Art Journal — A Wild and Crazy Guy

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Most of the studio is packed and ready to move, but I’ve left just enough supplies available to do some journaling with magazine collage.  Playing in my mind  with the idea of Mix-It-Monthly’s Crazy Dresses theme.  I found a silly guy with a funny expression and used him to build my page.  Any of you who remember Saturday Night Live’s Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd doing the will and crazy kind of guys will know where the words popped up from and speaking of words, letters became the pattern for the silly guy’s dress.  A flower earring and a funky hat and indeed we have a wild and crazy guy.  Some stiletto’s and a new cabaret act is born.


I rather like this dude, don’t you? He’s got spunk.


  1. Love your funky dude, he really has character! Have a good weekend, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Happy moving…you are obviously in a great mood.

  3. Wild and crazy indeed! I’d enjoy being his friend although I don’t imagine I would want to date him;-)

  4. Oh yes..SNL classic. Loved that skit and Steve. I always had a crush on him. Great fun.

  5. Never watched one show of SNL…. just not a comedy person…lol… BUT i love THIS guy! 🙂 Hugs! deb

  6. pamelaarts says:

    love both of the wild and crazy guys…..

  7. Sure do remember SNL, and you have perfectly captured a “wild and crazy guy” for us here! Love the dress and hat, Corrine! Well choreographed!

  8. Lots of spunk in this guy. He needs it to carry off that outfit he’s wearing. Really clever challenge piece.

    I hope your move goes smoothly. I know how trying and taxing it can get.

  9. I had to LOL when I read the title- cuz I instantly knew…and then I laughed out loud again when I saw your Wild and crazy guy! I just imagined him doing that shakey swagger in that dress!! Thanks Corrine for the belly laugh! xoxo

  10. I can just hear Steve Martin saying that famous line now! How fun and how cool!

  11. I am definitely in love!!

  12. So you are just about to move house and just about packed and you can make this? – I’m shaking my head in wonder. It is so perfect for the Mix it Monthly theme, and what a laugh to give us this morning. Love his crazy dress, his hat and his very fine earring, only one earring of course.

  13. LOL! Genius!
    I like your sense of humour Corinne!

  14. great crazy creation
    and thanks for the two wild and crazy guys memory jog

  15. he’s the CEO of the personality department 🙂

  16. Hilarious! Definitely has me smiling, such style!

  17. LOL! I love your wicked sense of humor in this collage. Blessings!

  18. haha, love him! He’s got spunk for sure 🙂

  19. He might make the cast of SNL right now! Loved Steve and Dan, he would fit right in, he is perfectly mixed up cool!

  20. wonderful! are you packed just to be packed or is the house going to be ready soon dont kill yourself!

  21. He is just fantastic! Love his facial expression and his attire:)

  22. LOL, love your crazy artwork. Annette x

  23. perfect match! Great effect!

  24. Such a fun collage piece!
    Love the head and its expression. And a great crazy dress, to boot!

  25. You had me laughing out loud as I looked at this post. Love your guy!!

  26. So fun! Love your guy and his awesome togs.

  27. cool dude in a dress

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