Art Journal — Solitude

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A little bloom upon a shelf, sitting comfy by herself.


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  1. joarty1 says:

    Is this you?….surely not….you are far too busy.

  2. I have a moment of solitude here now. Guests have gone down to the river with chainsaw man, leaving me a few moments. Hope all is well on your side of the continent. I like your flower.

  3. Nancy Lee says:

    Very nice flower.
    is it you?

  4. Love your happy flower in the vase. Lovely! Sending you hugs and good thoughts!
    xxx Susi

  5. Love this, Corrine. Love that bright, bright yellow…and I love your face in the vase! Mwah! Kay

  6. This is beautiful, I feel like that sometimes. Valerie

  7. Simple and sweet. Love your journal page with one of my fav color – yellow 🙂

  8. Very soulful~ lovely background- mellow yellow “)

  9. Simple and beautiful!

  10. bloomin lovely

  11. Just goes to show, you can find inner peace and harmony all alone. Super lesson that you shared, whether you intended it or not.

  12. Love your yellow page and beautiful flower with the vase,Love it.

    XXX Jeannette

  13. beautiful piece! sometimes i´m feeling like this… and actually i enjoy it!

  14. Solitude is marvellous and enjoyable, if you choose it. Your little flower looks very thoughtful or maybe she is just having a day off. I like the vase too, what a fun piece.

  15. This looks like a very peaceful and joyful solitude ….

  16. Lovely your flower! Simple but beautiful composition1

  17. Solitude can be happy.
    Love this Corrine.

  18. So simple and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful solitude!

  19. oh so charming, that’ll be me as soon as I can manage it, meanwhile I will have to make do with short moments. Love your pouff!

  20. Wonderful! Is this inspired cuz you’re wishing for a bit of solitude in all the remodel chaos? 🙂

  21. So sweet and lovely all on her own!

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