Farmhouse Rehab – Sailing through a sea of construction

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Sailing though a sea of construction in a tiny boat.  Sometimes that’s what a whole house renovation feels like.  Navigation is unsure, too many rapid decisions that need to be made all at once.  Rough chop and swells, then dead calm.


I found some images in Metropolis magazine.  A crane became the mast and a cityscape became my boat. The scribble writing in the background all the confusions and decisions rolled into one.  Lots of creativity going into the project, not much coming out again into my art, it’s getting all used up…and then some, but it will be so worth it in the end.


The sea of hay grows ever larger, covering bare ground.  The fence posts are in and look at all the brush to the left we have piled, waves of it for sure.


The texture and patina of 200 year old beams stacked in the barn, to become parts of new things that we will live with today. My mind is swirling with ideas yet to be realized, sailing as we are in a tiny boat on the construction sea.  Where will we land?



  1. Love your boat, great idea to envisage your construction journey this way. I hope you will continue to have a ‘bon voyage’ tilly ou arrive in the harbour of your finished new(old) home. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love the way you use images to make them your own.
    You and yours merit Bravery Buttons for tackling this job!

  3. It certainly will all be worth it but what a tough sea to sail in the meantime! Good representative journal page. Be well.

  4. Nancy Lee says:

    Old barn wood! What a treasure!
    My dad could never leave a railroad tie
    alone! oh, boy!

  5. pamelaarts says:

    In the middle of chaos…calm….

  6. I hope you land exactly where you want to be. Big Hugs! deb

  7. Love your art, love the idea of your pups running around inside that fence, and love those barn beams! Treasures in the making!

  8. What an adventure! It will be so worth it in the end. Of course, if you are anything like my parents, who were house-flippers before we knew what flipping was, you will probably be mulling over new adventures before the dust settles on this one!

  9. I love your boat piece and the metaphor of your life that you’ve incorporated into it. Blessings on your journey!

  10. I like your symbolic art very much but it also looks terrific on its own.
    Good luck with your house and ground shifting, hope you can also make art too.

  11. joarty1 says:

    A great bit of therapy! Looks like you are working hard on all fronts.

  12. Dear Corrine, I believe that your tiny boat will land in beautiful. happy, peaceful and creative place. Love reading your post and admire your beautiful and magical creativity and art expression!

  13. Your boat is magnificent. It is truly setting out on a sea of uncertainty. I can attest to rehabs, since I’ve been through a few myself. Speed up, only to slow down, and come to a grinding halt as the sea calms, but not nearly enough for us to catch our breaths. Believe me, I totally understand this piece and this post!!

  14. Love your piece and how you worked out your renovation in this work of art.. wish you the very best with all the things..feel with you ..our staircase tooks such a long time yet and not finished..sometimes a little bit frustrating but .. all will become beautiful in the end.. you will see – I always say to myself !♥♥♥♥

  15. keep paddling! you’ll get to shore soon! I know that feeling. we’ll be watching .

  16. Linda K says:

    here from MIM. Really fabulous creativity and symbolism in your piece! Wishing you all the best with your continuing new home building.

  17. Your sailing is not a relaxing pleasure cruise – yet! I am so amazed by all that you have gotten accomplished as you navigate the sea of home rehabbing!

  18. Oh Corrine, so sweet your lil story with the boat.. to compare it with real life.. I totally enjoy reading your post and watch your photos and the meanfully paiting! I love how you do the mast!! The lil boat is warmly welcome at
    Mix It Monthly! and ohh wonderful texture on the old wood…how exciting ♥ Conny

  19. you are doing a spectacular job of tending to the blog as you sail along in chaos! Challenging I know it all too well! You will land on your feet of course, and cannot wait to see what you make of those beams!! xox

  20. wonderful art in the midst of all you have going on!
    your description of construction speaks to me like a metaphor for life …

  21. I know how rough those seas can be- relax and be calm…when you can! I love your little boat, in a sea of confusion afloat…
    huge hugs my friend xoxo

  22. I like the way you interpreted your construction chaos in your art. It must be exciting and exhausting to take on a project like this. Thanks for letting us have a peek of your experience.

  23. Hang tight though those rough seas of renovation and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did when you get a lovely new house. Love your artwork!

  24. What a great analogy…..I love seeing the progress….you’ve been BUSY!

  25. Oh yes, it will be worth it! And you’ll have so much fun looking back through all your journalpages that so beautifully show what you’re going through right now.

  26. It looks like you are working hard, my dear. House renovation is truly a challenge. Wishing you all the best with your ground shifting…hope you will find a bit of creative time nevertheless!!!

  27. Great boat! Best wished on the renovation and your property looks beautiful, as does that wood. I look forward to seeing what they become!

  28. Your mindfulness of the journey itself is inspiring. I wonder where you’ll land, too.

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