Art Journal — House/Home

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We’ve been furiously working at both houses, yard work at the farmhouse and spruce up at our current house….I have been dreaming of moving, moving, moving.  To some bizarre and interesting places I might add, which of course is showing up in my art journal.  Today is almost the end of the month and only one more day left on the current Art-Journal-Journey and Mix-It-Monthly themes.  Since houses and homes are constantly in my heart and mind, I thought that one more link would be appropriate considering it’s all just swirling in my head.

Collage “House/Home” started with lots of layering and scribbling into the layers.


black gesso, red paint, purple paint, green paint, scribble


Lots of collage elements including repurposed collage piece from 2010, cancelled stamps, part of a security envelope, washi tape, stamping, book text, and a quarter roll paper.

IMG_2932 IMG_2934 IMG_2936

Some close ups.  “In ancient times”, that’s how I feel after working spreading hay – ancient…Be sure to visit the links and see what marvelous houses and homes are being created…



  1. Great page, love the whole build up and layers. I know about feeling ancient, too! Take care, hugs, Valerie

  2. This is absolute amazing Corinne – we all are on the way to feel ancient lol.. some days more some days less…

    the good thing on that is that it tooks so long time….lol!
    take care Corinne!
    Thanks a lot!!! You let my sunday end with an page tht makes me happy …. love it!

  3. This looks like it was a lot of fun to make and it’s fun to look at too.

  4. Love that you are getting those dreams out onto paper! Great page and love those layers!! xoxo

  5. Nancy Lee says:

    Home sweet home!
    Very “stately”, my dear!

  6. Oh, wow. Layers and layers and layers. And on top of the layers is a house made of layers of ephemera that I love. Your house and home really speaks to me. Very beautiful, and I’m ready to move in (grin).

  7. Wow – excellent! Love those layers… much detail. Are you selling your current house or keeping both? Either way, it sounds like a ton of work – be sure to take care of yourself!

  8. I love your snippet of an Illinois map–home to me, Corrine! Lots of bits and pieces have come together here to make a whole–just as bits and pieces come together to make a home. Well choreographed, my friend!

  9. Aww Corrine this piece is stunning…the colors, all those little bits and pieces that fits sooooo well and interesting together!! I adore it!! Thank you for this again!! Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  10. Corrine this is a great piece for the themes! It has your free and spontaneous style to it and so much for the eyes to wander around and enjoy, beautiful!

  11. Love this organic heart felt expression of what you’re experiencing right now. I’m glad you found some time to make art and that your arm muscles permitted it. Xoxo

  12. Your layers are so yummy. I need to get my paints out soon.

  13. Your artwork always makes me feel like I should roll up my sleeves and get stuck in 🙂
    Such inspiration! Hope you find peace and quiet soon my friend….. xx

  14. Loving your home sweet home. I think I spy a little door in a scribbled heart in the first pic, too. Hugs!

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