Art Journal — On Some Days It’s Loss

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Our art journals offer us so many feelings to express.  Joy, delight, playfulness, secrets, journey, introspection and sometimes loss.  Our beloved rescue bunny Praline is on her journey to the next life.  It may be hours, it may be days, but she is slowly leaving us.  Here companion Mr. Smudge has been comforting her, grooming her and caring for her, but today she decided that she would no longer eat, so I know her time is short.  She has lived, I believe, a happy life eating clover and dandilion, lettuces and carrot.  Romping with Smudge and hanging out with the ducks.  Since she was a rescue we can only guess at her age, but it is somewhere around 8 at least, which is older for a mini bunny.  Tonight she is comfortable, the temperature has cooled and Smudge is by her side.  I believe she is uncomfortable but there is not too much I can do for her other than keep her safe and let her pass on her own time.  This journal page expresses how I feel about losing her and honoring her pain at the same time.  I hope her transition is a peaceful one. Wings and prayers Praline, wings and prayers.



  1. Oh, my, Corrine…I am so very sorry. I am reading into your art that Praline has some human qualities, as well as her bunny ones! Letting go is hard, but letting her go is best for her. Heartfelt hugs from here. Mwah!

  2. Christie says:

    Such a lovely tribute to Praline. I’m so sorry for your pain.

  3. pamelaarts says:

    Oh, my friend, so sorry to hear. But i know she had a good life while you had her. take care. xo

  4. Im sorry to hear of your dear bunny! I’m sure she had a good life with you.

  5. A wonderful tribute to your bunny, she had a good life with you and her companions. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Letting go is so hard, I feel with you Corinne an are so sorry about your lost . Heartfelt hugs from here. An amazing tibute to your bunny! ♥♥♥

  7. Hello Corinne, losing a pet is so sad. Praline Bunny has had a very happy life and your journal page is such a lovely tribute. Your journal bunny looks old but dignified, it’s quite a remarkable page.

  8. Oh I’m sorry for your sweet bunny Praline, it’s always so sad to lose a pet. You have let loose in your wonderful art, so good to express and let it out,
    hugs your way

  9. its no fun to loose a friend! hope she can ease away soon! hugs, lyle

  10. Oh, so sad…. It’s always hard saying goodbye. I hope she doesn’t suffer ….

  11. Oh dear Corrine- I am so sorry-my thoughts are with you and wishes for a peaceful journey for Praline xo

  12. Nancy Lee says:

    SO sorry, pets become part of you.Sweet Praline knew she was loved & she was lucky
    to have you. Keep up the good thoughts of her.
    I had several bunnies over the years.
    My first pure white one was, “Bonnie B. Bunbun”.
    Then a black & white lop eared, “Fred”.

  13. How fortunate she was to land with you. What will Smudge do now without his companion? Poor beasts but they likely handle such things better than we do. It’s always hard, isn’t it? Sending hugs for you and the bunnies.

  14. oh my heart is breaking…
    so sorry for your loss…
    your precious Praline sounds like such a special wabbit!
    thinking of her buddy Smudge who is surely mourning too…
    sniff sniff
    take care Corrine!
    hopefully art will help you heal…this piece is amazing!

  15. Your journal page is a fitting tribute to a member of your family – where in the world would be without pets? and without our journals to release all that emotion and energy? Hugs.

  16. I’m so sorry for your little Praline, I hope she passes peacefully. Your journal page is lovely xxx

  17. Such a beautiful tribute….I’m sure her transition will be a peaceful one and she knows that she was loved.

  18. It doesn’t seem that long ago, you had to let go of one of your dogs. Now it’s Praline. You know, as an animal lover, I can truly feel your pain. I hope this beautiful tribute in color, stencil, and pen, have helped heal and ease the transition for you and Praline. My thoughts are truly with you.

  19. Dear Corrine, how sad dayes for you, I`m sorry you have to say goodby to your Praline. Your tribute is beautiful, and the piece of art a wonderful goodby! Praline`s dear friend will surely also feel so sad .
    Sending hugs dear.

  20. This is such a touching and heartfelt post – Praline was lucky to have you in her life and you in hers.

  21. Ahhh bless… have given her a wonderful life; you can do no more. XX

  22. So beautiful the way Smudge tended to her. Your journal page speaks volumes.

  23. Big hugs, Corinne. Your page is a beautiful tribute.

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