Art Journal – Grace is Home

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Grace is home, grace is home, grace is home.  I have been thinking about what home means and feeling that since we are transitioning between two homes now, where is home?  Well for me home is in my heart and in my body.  I know that I am romancing the farmhouse and my heart is firmly there now, and to me that is a grace state.   But my body is firmly planted in our current house and it’s hard to go back and forth. I want to be there working on it, but I have to be here and working and taking care of the dogs who can’t go there until we are ready to….I feel so fortunate that we have found this old farmhouse, built in 1799 just calling for some love and I am pouring it out.  Some days there are so many things going on at once that I feel like my head is exploding and I can’t handle any more information, but this too shall pass…

For now I will keep chanting, grace is home, grace is home, stay in your heart and course correct when necessary.



I know you can’t see the 7 but we found this on the beam upstairs  Built: 1799

What does home mean to you?  What does grace mean to you?

I’ll be listening…


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  1. It was only when I had a toothbrush and underwear (I know, tmi) at both my home in Lynn and our seasonal campsite did I feel I was at “home” in either place. Packing a suitcase or even just a “ditty bag” makes it difficult to feel at home–more like you traveling. But, then, we can take our one dog with us to either place at a moment’s notice. Taking 5 is a totally different story. Until you have two toothbrushes, you will be content to live in your heart, my friend. I just know you will.

  2. Wow! That looks like an interesting project. Have fun.

  3. I love your quilt, and your home so wondrous to me. Although our home is only a little over 50 years old, I think they have it has so much more character than any new home. Your 1799 farm house sounds like a treasure throve of character and history. Blessings!

  4. Nancy S. says:

    To find that must of been a beautiful moment! I love the old things of
    long ago.
    -By grace we are saved.

  5. I hope you’ll share more photos of the farmhouse……..cannot wait to see more!! Home…. Home is wherever hubby and i are together…….because a home is built on our love for each other…..Grace……..never really given much thought to grace……i will though…..Hugs! deb

  6. wonderful page.. so colorful and happy! I always love to see photos of your project!
    GRACE to me is that we are able and willing to renovate our old Lady – our house- ( she is old but with so much grace) and home is always there where my heart is… I think my home is mother earth!

  7. I love your house of grace, dear Corinne! It looks very special and is touching my heart. Also your words about home and grace. Their is nothing to say mnore. In my oppinion it seems perfect.
    Have a wonderful weekend and
    greetings from Erika

  8. What a wonderful history you are connecting with and adding to. I’ll be happy for you once you can settle in there and not have to be split. Good thing you are so graceful!

  9. What a wonderful old house. Home is for e the place I want to be. Hugs, Valerie

  10. What a wonderful tribute to home. And a tribute to straight wood that has lasted. Also a tribute to a home that was built right to begin with.

  11. Oh, it’s so hard to be in one place when your heart has moved on to another! At least you have a beautiful place to move to when it’s all ready for you 🙂

  12. I think fixing up an OLD farmhouse sounds like a dream. I have marveled at the fact you still make some time to comment on blogs and such. Wow Corrine…you have energy! Keep showing us your home…where ever it is on any given day. We love it! xo

    PS: bend at the knees…bend at the knees…keep proper back/body alignment…lift with arms close to the body and not extended away from you. Keep these simple rules and SAVE YOUR BACK. 🙂 xo again.

  13. This must be an exciting project and also loads of work, I can understand how you must feel all over the place! I love your expressive art as always my friend. Home is peace for me, well most of the time it’s bustling with the kids but it’s a place to retreat to that feels so comfortable and good, I am a real home body and simply love home! Grace that’s something else, you got me thinking, I suppose it would be to have that peaceful feeling as much as possible, not get tossed around by external factors but have a quiet graceful centre.

  14. What a perfect phrase. Grace is home. And home is grace. 🙂
    I carry my home in me. I carry my grace in me.
    This is home.
    This reached deep in as I read it, sitting here listening to the movers deconstruct this “home” into pieces to move to the new home. Thank you for that.
    Love and light to you and your home !

  15. WOWEE what a wonderful rescue mission you are on…
    it is no mistake this farmhouse came into your lives and hearts!
    Your colorful piece is full of meaning and interest.
    Hope you continue to share photos of the progress of your renovations…

  16. Wouwwww!!!! I love your Page!!!! Its so colorful!!!!! Great Work!!!


  17. A house treasure!

  18. Awwww Corrinne your page is full of warm full of grace :9 Love the warm colors, the dotty clouds the sweet girl in the window, hach the whole page! You make me happy with the pic from your new home….I so love to see how it turns into an jewel ;)….and btw: I have posted my next art journal page about home…it is called “The Universe In Me or I Feel Home Everywhere” 😀 Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  19. Incredible Corrine! and yes, by grace we are saved. warm hugs xx

  20. Fabulous house picture with the orange flower and the lttile girl at the pink round jaggy window. You have such a free individual style.

  21. What a wonderful building to be rescuing, it will surely welcome you with open arms once it’s renovated. Your collage is beautiful.

  22. Your house will be so lovely when you’re finished with it, even though right now it might feel like never-ending …. I love the history of old houses. For me home is where I feel at ease, where I can be myself en be surrounded by people I love.

  23. 1799!!! It must be such a trip to own something that old. Just think of all the memories that have been made within those walls. And now you will be adding even more.

    Love the collage!

  24. You’re in such a state of flux… glad to see you had a chance to make art in the midst of it all.

  25. A Beautiful AJ page and gorgeous old building which you are restoring.

  26. A lovely piece of art and what a exciting project you are doing I would be in my element.

    Becky x

  27. While I’m a ‘new house’ kinda gal, I can certainly appreciate the effort and joy working on a rehab project can bring. And the results? True to the bones of the house but still so totally yours. I hope it continues to be all you wish for!

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