Farmhouse Rehab and Holidays

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Since we’ve been spending all our free time working to rid the yard of the gargantuan brush piles, my art space is crying for some attention.  The only thing I’ve had a moment to play with are some iphone apps that Patty and Kim recommended.  All the photos in this post were created with distressed FX…

My friend’s fabulous adobe house


Every night we sat on those chairs and watched the hummingbirds and the sunset.


The guest house/art studio where we got to stay. Ooh la la and oh so wonderful, thanks Linda and Jim again, and again, and again.


Life’s a beach – or the arroyo/wash that runs between the house and guest house where you can sit in your sand chair as long as it’s not monsoon season.


My friend Linda, getting ready to take us up the mesa for a little hike – she loves hot pink!


Linda and her beloved cowboy with views to the mountains beyond. You can see both houses down below.


The route we hiked.  Not so hard really.


My very large hat, which I have come to love.  I wore it in the hot springs at Ojo Caliente, I wore it mowing the lawn at the farmhouse yesterday.  It shades well.


The goofy doll hand Linda found in Kelly Moore’s Dark Bird Palace which he gave to her and she made me photo it in the ladies room at the Santa Fe Visitor’s Center.  It would have been really funny if someone had walked in!!!


The hand enjoying some refreshment while we explored Canyon Road in Santa Fe….this hand will have more stories to share if Linda let’s me.


The courtyard at Galerie Corazon, quite lovely.


And their marvelous sign….hope you enjoyed the journey. Back to the farmhouse tomorrow to spread mulch hay and plant some seed.

Off to Eclectic Paperie on Thursday for an all day workshop with Seth – for some collage and relaxation doing 52 pick up..I will share later.





  1. I adore these photos!! xo

  2. yes… terrific mesa, and sounds wonderful! glad you had a great time! and eclectic paperie, huh! {love their site} and that sounds like a good time, too!! enJOY missy!

  3. What a lovely, restful looking place that appears! I love the tiny doll hand, that is cute. Glad you are taking time to enjoy some down time as well as all that busy demo stuff.

  4. OMG! I love that hand and the photo shots of it!! You gals are too funny!! Can’t wait for the movie! teehee

  5. NancyLee says:

    Oh, yes, you had a good time!
    Super shots,too!

  6. What a wonderful place to find refuge from the rest of the world! So glad you were able to visit your friend there!

  7. pamelaarts says:

    Very fun post. That little hand is really cracking me up. Sounds like you had fun!!!

  8. I’m green with envy Corrinne…looks fab!

  9. Fantastic photos, thaks for sharing! Valerie

  10. Thank you for taking me on a journey. Beautiful photos, full of sun, happiness and love. Beautiful place to live. Have a great week, Corrine and much love to you!

  11. I SO love the distressedfx app…addiction. Your post here is awesome and your use of the app. Hey, that’s art too, right? It will be the creative thing that sees you rehab.


  12. Wow Corrine! You have a great artistic eye! These are gorgeous! The little finger hand Cracks Me Up! xo

  13. Your are also a proof already, with all those aps to your phone, ( can you tell I`m a bit afraid to start that adventure :-))
    The photoes of dreamland looks fantastic Corrine, –and love that hand- Oh my !!!

  14. What a fantastic getaway and those smart phone apps are indeed addictive …
    in a good way of course!
    So I really enjoyed each and every photo very very much
    but totally cracked up with the finger hand…OMGosh what a hoot!
    That would have entertained me for hours too *ggg*
    Lucky you getting to spend time with Seth Apter…
    p.s. thank you for the shout out…I am hooked on the Gloomlogue app and Diana at the moment too 😉

  15. fun photos, how I miss NM, love it all so much!! thanks for sharing your great trip with us! xoxo

  16. Gorgeous photos, they have atmosphere and look like a splendid time!

  17. Love these photos Corrine! The colours from the app work so well for that environment.
    As for that hand….I want one, lol!!! 🙂
    PS Workshop with Seth….luckygirl!

  18. looks amazing. the processing adds an interesting twist to the images. some of the best getaways are when you’re in a completely different climate/environment AND with good friends!

  19. Never a dull moment with you! I get tired just following you! Your photos are amazing, and I loved following you on your journey! Keep going!

  20. Oh wow! Those photos are a-ma-zing! What a beautiful place to live! And I LOVE those doll-hand photos! Love them ♥

  21. Wonderful pics! Love the hand/finger…. too funny!

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