Art Journal — Afternoon Break

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Jumping in to a painted background with my wishes for an afternoon break.  Iced caramel coffee, frothy whip cream and a cherry on top cupcake.  It’s good to wish for things…..


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  1. Yummo!

  2. Beautiful! Can I order one for the next warm day we get? It’s wet and freezing here today, yikes! Hugs, Valerie

  3. A sweet treat for a sweet friend! Love this wish list!

  4. NancyLee says:

    Hmm….sounds and looks good!

  5. pamelaarts says:

    I’ll have a coffee with you, Corrine.

  6. yummie ! great page Corinne!

  7. Holy moly, just what I need to take the sting out of my routine lab blood tests yesterday…NOT! Lol!

  8. Oh so lovely bright and yummy! What a delicious break!

  9. all I have to say is…yum!

  10. Looks yummy and lushious! This looks like a very worthy break 😉 Love the orange in it, makes such a good vibe! Thank you for adding such a treat on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  11. A well deserved break I am sure! Savor the moment 🙂

  12. Looks wonderful, I hope for you this was not only in your dreams,Corrine, but that you also had the joy of such a lovely mittle-meal. Beautiful painting !!
    Dorthe, xo

  13. That are very nice wishes … Did they come true? Love how you painted the background!

  14. Hope you had a lovely break… that sure is a happy page!

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