Art Journal — Finger Painting and Silliness

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Finger painting, collage, silliness in large quantity – not measured, thrown in, giagantius rabbit, made up word, pink eye, stocky legs, fluorescent hair?  Just process.

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  1. I love process, wonderful Corrine, this feels so free! Have a great week! xx

  2. Love this, and it looks like you had great fun making it! Hugs, Valerie

  3. You’ve started my day and week with a smile! Have a good week and I love these pages x

  4. fantastic to see the process in the pics- thank you AMAZING the messy , artsy style and the soft colors and cute idea …


  5. Silliness abounds, and I LOVE silliness. Fun way to start Monday.

  6. I particularly like the fluorescent hair

  7. Liking this!

  8. Looks like the rabbit and your little friend had a party.

  9. I love your backgrounds, made up of lots of papers, paints, stamps and patterns of all kind ,-and love your pink eyed- see through – sweetie, !!
    Hope you are doing great !
    xo, Dorthe

  10. Silliness in large quantities is magical!

  11. I can only imagine that you had so much fun getting painty and inky. I can see quite a few what appears to be almost complete hand prints on the left, and I love them! I am tucked away in the woods and not creative supplies for this week, but am so enjoying the solitude! Hugs to you and Super Hero!!

  12. Love your embedded slide show – what a great, dynamic way to see your steps. I always enjoy seeing an artist’s process.

  13. Fabulous play –

  14. OK…this is awesome! Happy art! xo

  15. Looks like you are having fun and that is what it’s all about…
    that and the hokey pokey 😉

  16. I love that you share the video of your process Corrine! And your silly rabbit and neon hair gal are delightful!! xo How’s the renovating? I’m covered in Poison Ivy- no outdoor work for awhile! “(

  17. Finger painting!! You have a gift for color, I tell you!
    I tried twice to get the second image to open, and it didn’t. It’s probably this work computer.

  18. looks like tremendous fun!! xo

  19. This is so fabulous and way-out, I seriously love the surprised (and surprising) green rabbit and the very interesting looking lady. Great to see the process, this must have been such fun to make and see how it turned out, like some sort of art magic.

  20. Their expressions are priceless! Hope you have a playful weekend.

  21. Haven’t done this since I stopped teaching…I miss it!! x

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