Art Dolls — The Ancient One

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The ancient one hold histories, keeping stories alive by sharing.  She is fragile and strong at the same time.  She is soft and yielding, yet hard as a rock. The ancient one knows more than you yourself know about you and she surrounds you with her soft love, her soothing whispers and her 5 eyes.  A tiny heart, older than the moon lives on her back, an endless repository of wishes and dreams.  She safeguards these for the future.

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  1. what a happy grandmother… but I think she is a little bit strict with her grandchilds – am I right?
    The colors make me thinking this – can’t help!
    Happy weekend – happy renovation.. next week I have to help hubby with plastering the walls in our ugly stairecase..since month it is in progress….

    so I feel a little bit like your doll and told my husband strictly to carry on with this construction site!

  2. Love the softness of this doll, as well as the colors. Your abstract designs are so appealing.

  3. Another wonderful doll. Love the textures, wish we had the possibility to feel over the computer! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Another treasure…fabulous!

  5. I love your little doll- I must make one for myself! No work here today- torrential downpours since 3:00am! Glad I mowed yesterday! xo

  6. I love the stories that go with your dolls. They are so magical and captivating.

  7. The souls that emerge in your soft sculpture work are so amazing!

  8. You could really go into business with these little dolls and their own sweet story to go with them, they bring these loveable pieces to life!

  9. This can only be Grandmother Tua’s sister, and, therefore, mine! My sister is the oldest and most definitely the wisest in our family. Another great family member, Corrine!

  10. NancyLee says:

    I love the stitching on her back.
    She looks SO comfortable and cute to give a hug to!

  11. I love your art dolls! So cute. xo

  12. Your words could have been spoken about my mother (91 years old) so fragile, yet strong, her heart maybe little in size, but so big in doing, she haven`t got 5 eyes ,as she barely can see, but she knows all ,even so !!
    Love your ancient one, her softnes and her big grin ,
    xo, Dorthe

  13. Hope the renovation is going well and your bruise is better… my grandmother who had eyes in the back of her head… but maybe not 5… LOL!

  14. A doll with an interesting story and a very interesting face. How imaginative.

  15. Feels like my mom. So wise, sensitive and strong.

  16. Her backside looks like a well loved quilt….you know the style I mean – is that candlesticking or some such stitching on the back? Anyway, adorable!

  17. Beautiful, I’m staying in touch this time. Have you heard from Deborah of “while I was waiting”? I miss her and her work.

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