Art Journal — Moon Child

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Most days rising before the crack of dawn, hearing the birds singing in the dark and seeing glimpes of the moon.  Continuing on the them of circles for the Art-JournalJourney challenge I created this moonlit page.  Moon Child…IMG_2314



Leftover work desk paper, acrylics, gesso, punched circles, gel pens and washi…..This child is glowing…Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. She does glow!!

  2. Definitely like your Moon Child, Corrine! But, I do have to say that *she* reminds me of myself in my early 20’s when every night I slept with brush rollers in my hair! Glad those days are gone! Keep “circling,” my friend. It suits you! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. This is how I look when I wake up too early. Fantastic moon. Love the deep blue. Hope you’re hanging in there.

  4. Love your creative freedom Corrine! I’m more of a night owl than morning person..:) Hugs! deb

  5. Hi Corrine. This moon child is great ~ so happy and bright!! I love anything to do with the moon.
    I must have missed your post about moving to Maine. Wow! You sure have been doing a lot of hard work. I love that you post things as you move along. I hope you are healing well from your little accident with the wood beam. I have always wanted to visit Maine. Maybe someday. Been to Vermont on a New England vacation a long time ago. We need to do that again.

  6. Love your glowing moon child, lovely composition and colours! Hugs, Valerie

  7. OMG how totally fun is your moonchild!! Happy Mother’s Day to you Corrine! Remember to take time to smell a rose or two during the rehab!! xoxo

  8. I love what shine’s through your moon’s face. she’s radiant.
    happy weekend to you, too.

  9. what a fab moonchild Corinne.. I love those very deep blue color -makes the moon so fabulous pop out!
    An amazing circle idea as well!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!
    Happy weekend Corinne..hope you can relax a bit beside the exhausting house-renovation!

  10. FUN! 😀

  11. Oh I didn’t know the moon had a child but I do now and she is very pretty. She looks as if she is asking a question.

  12. I love this one, she is bright and wonderful, so well done Corrine, another favorite!

  13. Radiant! xo

  14. This work brings to mind a line from a Mary Oliver poem Sleeping in the Forest. The line is: All night I rose and fell
    as if in water
    grappling with a luminous doom.”

    I like it very much.
    I hope your leg is feeling better, not too bruised and sore.

  15. Wow! what a wonderful take on circle theme. I liked your moon page Corriene!

  16. NancyLee says:

    Oh, what a cutie!Oh-oh!
    I remember those type of curlers in my hair!
    My cat would try to eat them… while in my head!

  17. This is fun and fabulous!

  18. Love the border and the patterns….and the curlers! 😀

  19. Glow your Moon Child does. And shine and sparkle, too. So is this a good hair day for her?

    Happy Mother’s Day from both Bleubeard and me!

  20. Bright and bold. Love it.

  21. Your moon child looks full of wonder
    Happy Weekend !!!

  22. She is positivley glowing. And I’ll be singing Cat Stevens’ (before he became Yusuf) MoonChild all day. Thinking of you. xx

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