Art Journal — Circle Game

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And the seasons they go round and round….one of my favorite songs by Joni Mitchell inspired my doodle circle piece which I manipulated digitally to soften so I could add one verse from the song. Crayons, posca markers, pastels and distress markers all filled in this layered piece. Rehab is taking up quite a bit of my time and energy, lots of energy, but we are going to leave the rest to the experienced carpenter and work on clearing the yard.  The yard is a layered circle of bramble on bramble on trees and vines, a whole tapestry of circular layers all it’s own. The seasons are going and I want to find the time to enjoy them, so brute force is out in pulling down the layers in the house, and soft notes are in for working the land…circlesCircle game

Life is a carousel, hop on and enjoy it.  Linking to Art-Journal-Journey


  1. pamelaarts says:

    Nice…I like circles and Joni too….

  2. Lovely, Corrine! Two of my faves combined! Have a beautiful weekend! 😀

  3. Love this! I’ve always loved Joni’s song! Have a great weekend! xo

  4. Fantastic piece, just LOVE this one! Hugs, Valerie

  5. just wonderful dear Corinne!
    Thank you so much for supporting us so well over at Art Journal Journey!

    and happy Sunday


  6. WOW,i LOVE it!!soo wonderful you have chosen this theme,great idea with go and round,beautiful qoute,love this.
    happy sunday.

    XXX Jeannette

  7. I love circles…and colored ones are even better.

  8. What a beautiful page- and also one of my all time fav songs! Love Joni!!xo

  9. Lovely page and beautifull colors. Great quote!

  10. ahhh L♥ve that song and Joni too!
    your circle page has lots of depth and interest and softness too dear Corrine…
    Don’t work too hard

  11. Great words for you circles! Such a gentle feeling to this – hope that means you are being gentle with yourself with such a massive undertaking!

  12. Another bit of you that I am meeting for the first time, Corrine, and I am loving what I am seeing…and hearing from this new piece. I absolutely love circles, and yours today are especially appealing!

  13. I love it is a merry go round, Corrine- , I can see it on your circles going in and out of each other, to meet again, in a new spots ,-and so look forward to see photoes of your garden land and its circular life !
    Hugs from Dorthe

  14. great song lovely piece

  15. jill eudaly says:

    Fun post! It’s that time of year to reclaim our yards. Overgrown yards can be beasts! Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Enjoy the spring air when you can and make art!

  16. rehab? what did I miss? Did you go overboard clearing that brush? Circles are always great, therapeutic to draw and full of lots of symbolism. Hope you’re okay.

  17. I’m drawn to circles in my art, but don’t think about them when I do yard work. I like how you tied your art to the rehab house. It shows where your mind is, even if it’s a subconscious thing. Sure like your digital softening of the circles, too.

  18. lovely and wise. I, too, have made a pledge to stop and enjoy the season – especially after our long winter. xo

  19. A sweet celebration of circles here, Corrine. I hope your weekend was a treat, in spite of all the hard work. Happy Cinco de Mayo !

  20. NancyLee says:

    I do like the softness and the colors. Looks like you are seeing many transparent pages glued together.

  21. Singing along with you and Joni!

  22. great depth!

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