Art Journal — Sun * Day Afternoons

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He?, She?, It? speaks for itself. Go celebrate.

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  1. Sun Day Afternoon is the perfect title for this piece. The party has just begun, but the partier couldn’t look happier. With cheeks that shine of stars, and a Sun Day smile, this one is a joy to behold.

  2. OOPS, I meant EYES, not cheeks. I wasn’t thinking clearly while i was typing.

  3. Great mixed media piece! Love the partyhat especially!

  4. Love this piece!

  5. what a fantastic guy Corinne! Love him!
    Happy New Week and
    thank you for joining us another time this months.. makes me so happy!

  6. Looks like a real fun party going on. Wonderful colours, too. Hugs, Valerie

  7. oh, mt little pointed head! delightful greeting for a new week! hope the sunshine stays!

  8. Kinda looks like my husband the morning after the party… Really fun art!

  9. Full go funk!!

  10. Sorry a spelling mistake above, I meant full of funk! Really fun Corrine,

  11. Loved my Sun-Day Afternoon as it was about family, Corrine! I also love your festive guy (yes, I gave him gender) who is also full of happy! Very upbeat piece today!

  12. Wonderful and fun page! I love it!

  13. Superb piece, packed with energy and happiness. Beautiful expression!

  14. Happy, happy, happy – thanks for the cheerful posts, love Mr. Spiky-hair Sunday.

  15. love your people perspective!

  16. A lovely yet whimsical piece! xo

  17. NancyLee says:

    Love his mouth…Boy, he has a funky brand of gel …must be a 20 hold.

  18. Party Animal mood today, eh? Live it up!

  19. Cool!

  20. This fills me with joy.

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