Art Journal — One Heart Moment at a Time

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The new challenges are up at Art-Journal-Journey(Moments of Happiness)  and Mix-It-Monthly(Maps) and tonight I decided to combine both into a journal spread.  Using simple collage with scrapbook paper and a map, some stenciling with pan pastel and gelli plate gel medium fixing and some rubber stamps, this is what emerged.

One Heart Moment at a Time are the Directions for Happiness…

IMG_2047 IMG_2049 IMG_2051



  1. This is super! Isn’t life about the moments we have in a day, an hour, a minute? Thank you for the inspiration! xo

  2. I really like this two page spread Corrine! Hugs!deb

  3. Love the arrows bringing love in and shining it out. Your sweet heart shines thru this piece dear friend.

  4. And there it is, your journal spread. Wonderful! Each one so unique and interesting. That is a good map to happiness.

  5. CONGENIUS! What a fantastic spread!?
    I am thrilled by the idea and your realization Corinne!
    Thank you for joining the Happy Moments theme at AJJ –
    makes me HAPPY!

  6. I love all the symbolism in your page and how it perfectly interprets your quote. Blessings!

  7. Wow,this are fantastic, i love the way you used the symbolisim with the beautiful colors,and the qoute is so perfcectly for your page.

    XXX Jeannette

  8. As Susi said: I am thrilled about your realisation! Wow so meamingful and the simpicity and beauty in your spread really meves me! Wonderful Corrine!! And how I love all the sparrows all show the direction of her heart..hach happyness pure 😀 Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  9. Corrine this is a wonderful piece, full of happy spirit, so bright and full of optimism!

  10. thank you for my morning smile! I love seeing whats happening in your brain!

  11. This is fantastic. Love all the details!Great job!

  12. so true! love the direction you are going! grin!!

  13. NancyLee says:

    What a very special creation! Yes, it all points back to the heart (a heart attitude).
    oh, this is a really nice piece!

  14. LOVE this one Corrine…..very well designed.

  15. one heart moment at a time looks and sounds beautiful. Lovely composition, idea and meaning. Thank you for sharing it and thank you for your like 🙂 on fb as well. big hugs and blessings.

  16. Just gorgeous page! I love your wonderful straight-line composition!

  17. Gorgeous spread my lovely, I adore the use of the map for the head – brilliant. Lol can you tell I’m playing catch-up yet!!!!!!
    Huge hugs x x x

  18. Happiness and love, recieven and given, an endless merry go round ,of some of lives most importent feelings- you showed it in a precious way, dear Corrine,- fantastic with the body arrows ,streaming to the heart .
    Love this.

  19. This is wonderful Corrine! I love its brightness!

  20. great original take on two challenges…
    inspiring words and so you dear Corrine
    Happy Friday!

  21. I love the arrows and they way it blends into the head. Happiness indeed.

  22. Love all the arrows and the map with arrows in the head.

  23. beautifully done! simple and clear and filled with emotion! Good on ‘ya!

  24. lorraine says:

    love the orange

  25. Love your fantastic spread for MIM, Annette x

  26. Such a fun spread! Love those lively arrows and how the heart seems to glow.

  27. Those arrows gave this such a great charge for me- the way it makes things flow in the piece right through the mind/head!

  28. Very cool page with all these arrows!

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