Art Journal — Oh Gee

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Oh Gee

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all my catch up to do….quick page in my journal using an overstamped page (Hero Arts stamp) and a digital filter to tone out certain parts.  Found face and sentiment of how many of you I have missed being away for four days….OH GEE….I will get around, I promise, it may take me a day or two, or three…..

Philly was wonderful and my friend’s show went ever so well.  I am so glad I was there to support her.  A tiny gallery of the show below. Conversations with the land.


  1. What a wonderful show she has and what a blessing that you were able to be there!

  2. I am glad that you had such a wonderful weekend, Corrine. Supporting one’s artsy friends is a joy, and I am glad that things went well for her. From looking at her art, it is no wonder you were inspired to create when you returned to your own studio! Nice to have you back!

  3. Oh, gee is right. You’ve definitely been missed, and it was delightful to read you had a great weekend and I suspect you are feeling better, too.

    Your friend makes beautiful art. Very, very impressive. I especially liked the encaustic with the tea bag tags. Something to aspire to.

  4. NancyLee says:

    “Mr. Oh Gee” looks fine to me.
    Ready to shake hands!!
    Super stamps and computer filter process.

  5. Great image of Oh Gee…great show of your friends. Clever you to fit it all in.

  6. Love the pics of your friend’s show. And your art journal page with the wheels spinning! Don’t worry about making up for your time away! We are all still here for you!

  7. So nice that you could be there for her! I’m sure she really appreciated it!
    Hugs! deb

  8. That was a great show, glad you had a nice few days away. Love your face journal page! Nice to have you back again! Valerie

  9. Love your bright and happy page! Your friend’s show looks amazing; glad you had that time to share!

    Well; we’re under yet, another, winter storm warning. Rain now, then ice and snow – will it ever end????

    Be safe! Love ya – Marilyn

  10. What a wonderful show, crisp & colorful, great she had your support 😉 Don’t stress about getting back to people, take your time & enjoy it, you’ll get there in the end!

  11. That’s a good idea to draw something really simple on top of this busy background. Gives a great result. I know the feeling of overwhelm when I haven’t been at the computer for a few days. Hard to catch up ….

  12. Corrine your journal piece is lovely and what a fun time you must have had, fabulous art!
    Take care and take it easy getting back in the swing!

  13. Your OH GEE looks a bit stressed and frustarted 🙂 please don`t be that, Corrine, importent is that you had a wonderful time away, and that you are now back, again!!
    Enjoy heaven at home, and see you dear!

  14. Sounds like a delightful trip and her art looks amazing. It’s always so much fun to be able to give real, actual support to a friend instead of just a virtual blog hug or comment. Wish I lived closer to some of my blogging buddies so I could support their efforts more hands-on……but. Thanks for sharing.

  15. love your little person in the green hat looking stressed out. Yes, catching up in Blogland can be quite diffieult, everyone moves and paints so fast. Thanks for the pictures of the exhibition, very interesting.

  16. So sweet that you went to support her. Does not surprise me in the least. Her show looks lovely! xo

  17. Seems you had a wonderful weekend, Corrine! The show looks great.
    I love your “Oh Gee”, sometimes I feel the same way.

  18. Sounds like a wonderful trip . Your friend makes really beautiful art. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pictures of the exhibition.
    I know how hard it is to get around to visiting all the lovely blogs. One could almost live in their computer chair LOL!

  19. Always start with coffee before *the talk*.
    Love it all 🙂 oh gee.

  20. It looks like a great show and how nice that you could be there with your friend. I like your journal page, and I understand about trying to catch up. I seem to be doing that all the time lately!

  21. Looks terrific! Bet your friend was beyond thrilled to have your supportive self there.

  22. How lovely to have arty friends…….you are so lucky. x

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