Art Doll — Grandmother Tua

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Even though I have not posted much about my Guardian dolls, I have been busy in the background creating as they reveal their stories to me.  Meet Grandmother Tua.  She is a Seer.  Her many eyes see the world from different perspectives to bring the whole picture into focus.  She is soft and yielding and made from old materials that show the wear of history and stories of their own.  She sees and brings comfort at the same time.  Her stitchy smile is benign and sweet and her stitched cheeks show her age and wrinkles.  Grandmother Tua is the cheek to rest your weary head upon and sleep and wake to a new perspective.

IMG_0270 IMG_0274I’ll be spending the weekend with a dear friend gaining some new perspective of my own.  See you next week.



  1. How wonderful to have this wise spirit emerge.

  2. I love your Grandmother Tua character. It’s swesome, Corinne!

  3. Have a lovely weekend Corrine x

  4. Love grandmother Tua, and what you have written – great post, thanks! Have a lovely weekend, Valerie

  5. You have so perfectly created this grandmother figure, Corrine. Especially that “soft and yielding” part. Made me smile. While neither of my grandmothers were physically soft and yielding, that is what this grandmother provides for her grandchildren. Both physically and “of heart.” I must say that she is also aptly named!!

  6. Oh.. this doll has such wisdom. Soft like our “sito”.

  7. Grandmother Tua might be soft and yielding, but she has some hard and spiky bits too….like most grandmas.

  8. Love Grandmother Tua!

  9. NancyLee says:

    Oh, Grandmother Tua has those “eyes” like my grandmother.
    Sweet, but looked right through you…!
    (don’t think you are resting your neck enough by the looks of your art)!

  10. grandmothers are treasures no matter how sweet or how prickly! enjoyed seeing yours! beware of incoming! thot you might need some inspiration these impossible cold days!

  11. What a character grandmother Tua, she is lovable and a soul we all dearly need!

  12. HMM. Reminds me of my grandmother, who had eyes in the back of her head. And she was all-seeing, too, I fear, Love this doll.

  13. Just lovely!

  14. Another that I love! So I need stitches on my cheeks to explain the wrinkles?! Love it!

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