Art Journal — Speak into the Electric Tunnel

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Does your art tell you stories?  Mine always does.  I never know where it is going until it goes on the journey and let’s me follow.  Yellow had to be there today, it’s another frigid day and even though it’s sunny, some jonquil like color needed to invade my consciousness.  Are you sick or winter, summer, waiting for whatever season comes next?  I have to admit I am pretty ready for Spring to arrive and wow me.  Exercise mostly inside today, a lot of wild dancing to compensate for the cooped-up-ed-ness…I don’t like to be inside, I like to be outside and it’s been really hard this beginning of  2014….

Art journaling some warmth and electricity – Speak into the Electric Tunnel – hoping for a surge to Spring.

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  1. love the title of this post!!

  2. Lovely work! Valerie

  3. Love the hair Corrine!! And yellow….I think i need some yellow in my life…Amazing how yellow just brightens the spirit ! Hugs! deb

  4. This spread is great fun! I’ve been working along in my “neutrals” art journal, and just decided I’m sick of neutrals for a while. I NEED COLOR!! So I’ll likely spend part of the weekend gluing pages together in a book I’m altering to be a journal…and maybe even start doing something colorful! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  5. Well, dance away sweet thing! Spring has to come!
    Love your colors as always!
    Cold here too in N. Fl. but no snow!

  6. Great title, great colours…..clever you.

  7. This has been a particularly grueling week, especially on the heels of the mild pacific northwest climate. I’m willing to walk when it’s over 20, but anything less than that and I just can’t face it. I had a few snow drops push up in the snow-free zone at the edge of the house, but they shriveled and froze before they had a chance to fully bloom. We just need to hold on a little bit longer. Thank goodness for art.

  8. Loving your colors! I won’t tell you it was sunny for part of the day today 😉 (It isn’t always) The daffodils are coming!

  9. Love seeing the yellow shades. We’re in for more “white” on Monday! xo

  10. Another boy I would instantly adopt — he is amazing!

  11. You rock Corrinne!! Your painting is so cool 🙂 Love the hair and the “tunnel”-mouth ! Yes you make me smile 😀 ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  12. Jill eudaly says:

    The face on your sweet piece of art looks like my face when I watched a resent weather report, more snow, oh NO!!! I’m trying to find the silver lining, snowed in my studio is just what I need. Maybe I’ll finish a few projects! Electric– We are so full of static at my house. We shock each other, the pets and the light switch going into our kitchen gets me every time!
    Stay warm and keep your sanity…we are all in this never ending winter together!

  13. What an adorable new friend! Love that her hair even seems electrically charged, as does mine some days! I will wait with her for the warmer days of Spring. I promise NOT to complain even once about the heat this Summer! Mwah!

  14. Dear Corrine,
    Her green eye shows hope for the future , I love that!! Hope you will soon be able to be more outside, I had a little sun here,– betwen all the foggy weather…— and made a tiny walk on the property …feeling a bit stronger today, and praying it continues like that !!
    Happy weekend- dear lady!!

  15. I am so with you. Love that tunnel and all that cheery yellow to balance the frustration. Xoxo

  16. I am wondering what she does speak into the tunnel.
    Hoping winter will leave you alone soon!

  17. SPARK SPRING FOR US ALL! The happy and bright yellow makes me want spring even more! Love the color and pattern play in the mouth too!

  18. I feel warmer already just looking at your electrified art! Xoxo

  19. It’s so great how you can use art to express your feelings. Love the sunny-ness of this page. I’m always amazed by some things that seem to come out of nowhere and express themselves in my art. Art can be very powerful …

  20. Hope your spring comes soon….keep making bright and cheerful art! xx

  21. I think many of us are ready for this interminable winter to be over! Hopefully no more snowy, frigid surges so we can gradually move to more comfortable weather! Lovely lady to let out that ‘spring wish’

  22. I have a narrow range of comfort. If it’s 65 to 75 I’m fine. Otherwise, I’m hoping for a change. I know. So, I wouldn’t mind sunnier skies, but I don’t need it to be much warmer. Of course, L.A hasn’t had much of a winter anyway. too hot for me.

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