Art Journal – Surface Tension

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Journaling this evening.  Surface tension, oil floating on water, feeling that little bubble of energy as it hugs the surface like a water bug skimming…

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  1. I can most definitely feel the tension in that picture. Wowza! Hugs! deb

  2. This poor guy is really feeling the tension.
    But ya gotta love him away!

  3. Feel the energy coming off the top of the head!

  4. Oh my, this guy looks tense. I am glad you gave him some art therapy.

  5. Love it! A living breathing physics experiment gone so beautifully awry 🙂

  6. Amazing energy, warmth and interest in what you’ve created…
    admire how you make your marks Corrine

  7. Beautiful work, love the energizing colours, too. Valerie

  8. This piece had a definite effect on me. I haven’t been moved so much by a piece in a long time, and this one did it for me.

  9. I, too, feel the energy in this piece! Super! Love the patterns in this as well!

    Thunderstorms, last night, with lightening! Rain and lots of dripping! xo

  10. Oh, he is great! Love how you did his hair. It really screams tension … 😉

  11. Majorly energizing! xo

  12. This dude definitely invokes both energy and warmth (both needed today) in the viewer! I love it when you are one with your journal!

  13. Ok.. what’s going on with him? He needs a nice little doggie to play with.

  14. Jill eudaly says:

    Thank goodness it’s Friday. The poor guy can put his feet up!

  15. Oh this is alive with energy and tension…wow it definitely attracts my eyes!

  16. But I think he’s cute any way. 🙂

  17. full of energy Corinne…. I love hin!

  18. He Looks as if he is about to explode with artistic ideas, love his teeth and eyebrows.

  19. I feel like if he were a cartoon, there’d be smoke pouring out of his idea-filled head!

  20. Really? Is this oil paint on acrylic or watercolor? I’m way out of it, so I don’t know if that’s something you’re working with. In any case, this is a great pic.

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